Tuesday, July 19, 2011

14 May: Chengdu to Kunming

Didn't do much this morning before leaving Chengdu. Another breakfast at the hostel (this ones had the best food in my opinion - although Xi'an had the best hot chocolate). Then a quick visit to a nearby supermarket to stock up on instant noodles (I have had more on this trip than ever in my life before) and snacks for our 19hr train ride.

And then, after repacking my bag, I took one last wander. Am amazed how they can have identical shops just 2 doors apart here. Am also amazed by how much ready-to-eat vacuum-packed meat is for sale, they have entire shops dedicated just to that!

Then it was back on a train again. I think I may have over estimated my capacity for train travel on this holiday. The novelty of going thru tunnels has also bee completely lost for me now.

It was a very uneventful day, really.

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