Tuesday, July 26, 2011

17 May: Dubai to Johannesburg

A very uneventful flight from Guangzhou to Dubai. But, you'd swear none of these people had ever flown before based on their multiple or oversized items of hand luggage! What a hassle. It really does annoy me, every time.

Watched Up while waiting for them to get the evening meal done. I'd heard how good it was from quite a few people but, I just found it on par with all the similar animations. I think I just don't "get" animated movies.

Didn't get much sleep on the plane either :( The seats were too high for me so I couldn't comfortably sit with my feet on the ground so my knees kept hurting. Oh well. Had breakfast before 3am :p

When I arrived in Dubai (3:40am Dubai Time = SA Time + 2hrs), I did try to get onto the (6hr) earlier flight to Joburg, but they were already boarding so they wouldn't let me :( But, that is why I didn't risk booking that flight in the first place.

Spent another 6hrs or so in Dubai's very dull duty-free. I had something to eat ... I was trying to be healthier so avoided McD's or Burger King, but I think I would've been better off sticking with the known. I ended up spending more with a less satisfactory sandwich at an Irish sandwich spot. I will say tho, the hot chocolate was worth it ;)

The flight back to Joburg was better. Pretty empty flight and I had 4 seats to myself the whole way home. Managed to stretch out and get some rest :)

Watched I Am Number Four. Was not particularly impressed at all (perhaps because I watched it in bits & pieces in between sleep, while eating and when I had to sit up and fasten my seat belt thru turbulence). It seemed a pretty average sci-fi attempt, honestly. And has the predictable ending allowing for sequels (which I will not bother with, except perhaps if there's nothing else to watch on another long-haul flight ;) ).

I also watched, No Strings Attached, which I quite enjoyed. This kind of light feel-good entertainment is way better for flying :)

And then I landed home, eventually, after a very long journey. To find that instead of being met at Sandton Gautrain station by The Trucker, he'd caught the Gautrain to the airport to meet me at the gate (awe, sweet!). But wait, it gets even better ... he'd also bought me a bag of groceries (since he knew my fridge was empty after more than 3 weeks away!) :) *spoilt*.

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Tamara said...

Awww... three cheers for the Trucker!

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