Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Smiles

Right, right, I'm sure I owe you a *real* post by now ... but honestly, it hasn't been a very eventful week.

I skipped SCM this week. Needed a break. I'm not really good, generally, at seeing the same person/people as much as once a week (unless I'm dating them). And SCM has somehow skipped passed this subconscious rule of mine because it's usually a completely different dynamic because of the different people who show up each week. So it tends to not feel the same every time. But in the last few weeks it has been getting a bit too much of the same for me. So I decided to take a night off and stay in. The Trucker was supposed to be playing cricket, but then that got postponed to this evening, when we were planning on watching a movie. And he'd made plans to work on Monday evening instead. So, an evening home alone for me (note: the first of many this week). Well, until he surprised me by offering to come over. Cue surprise and disbelief. At 9pm on a Monday night, when I live 20mins away ... really? (I'm too practical for that) But it turns out, really. Hahaha. This boy is very sweet to me and I was thrilled :)

On Tuesday (thinks back...) I had an action cricket game. And then last night he had to take some friends to the airport and I was home keeping warm again (seriously, there was a *lot* of that this week - haha!). And again he surprised me by calling on his way home from the airport and asking what I was up to. Honestly I was about to start reading a few pages before turning my light out ... but instead he came over :) Another nice surprise.

I know, it probably sounds ridiculous. But it's what made me smile this week :) Post-Varen I have this constant expectation of The Trucker bailing on just about every plan we make ... and he never has and just keeps surprising me. It's really lovely :)

Other than that we have spent this week getting our August trip to Botswana organised and just about all our accommodation is booked & paid for (only 1 night left to arrange. It's going to be fabulous, although with a *lot* of driving around. Makgadikgadi Pans and Moremi ... can't wait! Hahahaha, and last night we were even discussing adding an additional 2 nights (an extra days leave for me, which I don't really have, but hey, that's what negative leave is for, right?). And so begins the count down to Bostwana 2011 :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm quite excited for you about both the boy and the Botswana trip. :-)

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