Monday, July 04, 2011

Fun Times

Another weekend zooms past. I was really not ready for this one to end. But here we are, and it's Monday, again. At least I don't think this week will be as busy as last week (actually, I've got plans Mon, Wed & Thurs so far, so who am I kidding?).

Thursday evening I stayed home and had a lazy night in (was thrilled to discover The Trucker was off to EFC with his friends after moving, although I did offer to go round and take him dinner after his exhausting day).

On Friday we went for dinner with DJMike and his girlf at an *awesome* Mexican spot in Melville called Cafe Mexicho. OMG I can NOT describe how thrilled I am to find a) a Mexican restaurant in Joburg that isn't Cantina Tequila and b) one that is so delish it reminds me of Fat Cactus in Cape Town :) Seriously, the Margarita's were superb, the chili poppers were completely more-ish and my chicken fajita's were delish. We will *definitely* be going back :)

Saturday was a little bit of a lazy morning followed by an entire day of driving around shopping. Breakfast at Doppio Zero, where I tried a different breakfast from my usual (The Trucker laughs at me because I order the same item every time I go to a restaurant, not the same item at all restaurants, but there'll be one item I find at each restaurant that becomes the reason I head back there and I never deviate. Haha). Not bad, their salmon & avo Breakfast wrap. Too much food for me, and still not quite my usual Barbarosa.

Spent some time sitting in the sun eating apples with the Bunnies at my house :) They're adorable and have become so friendly lately ... now that they associate me with treats. I shoulda done this years ago - haha!

We got take-out from the Mumbai Brasserie (Ghazal's is simply too far from The Trucker's house for a quick take-out!) and watched Hanna. I dunno. I'm not sure if I liked this one. I loved the mad house where it all ended up, but the whole execution of the movie was a bit peculiar and the ending fell a bit flat. Not sure they could've done anything differently tho. It was super weird listening to Cate Blanchett with a Texan accent tho. Haha

And then a long lazy bath in the new house's giant bathtub. Hmmm, maybe there are some perks to this move :) Am much more settled in my head this week.

On Sunday I headed home and had ate breakfast with the bunnies in the sun while I read my book. The Trucker had some work to do. And later he picked me up and we headed out to somewhere near Ellis Park where his cricket team had their final (which they won! Yay). Us spectators nearly froze because they were running so late they had to switch the lights on and only ended up finishing at 6pm ish. Brrrr. I will say that it is pretty boring watching a cricket game where you have no idea of the score or who is winning.

After that it was back to my house for some of Mom's Macaroni Cheese out the freezer :) We spent the rest of the evening planning our Botswana trip in August.


Tamara said...

I love Fat Cactus. Putting your new Mexican spot on my list of places to try out!

Lovely Light said...

I just ate at Fat Cactus and hated it! Maybe its because I know what real Mexican food is like, being from Arizona and my husband being born in Mexico. First, they use a saguaro cactus as their logo- they don't even grow in Texas (they claim their food is "tex-mex"). They don't use the right beans, and don't understand that enchiladas are supposed to have a red chile sauce on top. Most Mexican food does not have mushrooms, kidney beans and corn. The only part that was respectable was the guacamole. On Monday I made home-made tortillas (here is a good recipe: and pinto beans (red speckled/sugar beans). I hope I didn't offend you- they offended my taste buds! If you have a sec, check out my blog at

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