Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Again

Ah, a rare thing, a still blissful post-wonderful-weekend Monday mood :) I was nervous that this weekend was going to be too much like the last, moods out-of-sync and small niggly annoyances taking over (based on my Thursday and Friday moods).

But,  instead, somehow I magically got over myself and had a wonderful weekend :) On Friday, the Trucker & I hadn't seen each other in a while and he'd planned a dinner out (apparently), but couldn't get a booking - I kinda love that he wouldn't even tell me where and is saving it for another time. I'm luckier than I realise sometimes, you know, those times when I'm caught up in my own tiny insecurities :(

But we'd both had a long week and a pretty miserable day. So we got some take-out and watched the Top Gear Botswana Special (we've been meaning to watching it again since our trip - yes, blog posts are slowly coming together, give me another week or two, it's harder when I have to write them from scratch instead of just copying them out of my book!). It was amazing to re-watch after having just been there! Haha.

And then we finally got round to watching Pirates of the Caribbean 4. On the plus side, I wasn't expecting anything spectacular. And at the end it was all a little Ho-Hum. But I had to watch it (that's the problem with these sequels, although I have not yet got round to seeing the last Harry Potter - shock horror).

On Saturday morning we grabbed a quick breakfast and then I was off home to sort out Rex's medication. Poor boy was supposed to be all done with the anti-biotics on Friday, but he's still not better. And I ran out of anti-biotics on Sunday and the nearby 24hr vet would not give me a refill with out a prescription :P So hopefully that hasn't been too detrimental. Will have to get the script and get him some more this afternoon. Sigh, it is exhausting and I know he preferred not having it ... I just wish he'd get better!

And The Trucker headed off to drive to Kroonstad and back on the most beautiful day we've had in a while! (work). So I lazed around at home for a while and then went to visit @louisabouwer for a catch-up. Can not believe how much Nicola has grown since I last saw her. I don't mean physically, more just talking and interacting and off on her own mission. She truly is an adorable child!

And then it was back home where The Trucker picked me up and we headed off to Monte for Gourmet Garage (I did not have my Peanut Butter Burger, I know, can you believe ?!?!) and a movie. We watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. I didn't have high expectations, really I was just picking something I thought most people already would've seen for a Saturday night movie. But I loved it. Seriously, it was thoroughly enjoyable, exactly what I needed.

On Sunday morning, The Trucker headed off at 9am to play cricket. I lazed in bed a while, cleaned the bunny hutch and then went to meet him. I got to watch his team bat (which is way better than watching them field, yawn), while I drank hot chocolate ... dunno what happened to the weather after the gorgeous summery Saturday! And after that, we headed off to Market on Main (I hadn't been yet but have heard rave reviews!). I was a little nervous. I don't think markets are quite The Trucker's sort of thing - haha. But after a few initial sarky comments, he got into it and I think really enjoyed it - might've been the amazing variety of food :)

I loved it and will definitely be taking my mom next time she is up :) We ate gourmet hot-dogs, tasted hummus, drank delish mint-lime cordials, bought biltong, brownies and sugar roasted cashews. The Trucker even had some Ethiopian coffee, which he was quite thrilled about. We'll definitely be going back for some Sunday grazing again!

And then it was back home for a lazy afternoon of eating our purchases and reading the paper. And then we made some delish mac 'n cheese for dinner (omg it was soo good!) and watched some series. It was a perfect Sunday <3


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you again - and I'm really glad that you're feeling better.

AngelConradie said...

I keep seeing references to the market, I think its time I popped in there too.

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