Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keep Those Fingers Crossed

So this week has not slowed down even for a second. It has been awesome so far ... but I expect there'll be an emotional crash shortly. No one can maintain a high permanently. In the mean time tho, I'm just enjoying the rush of good feeling :)

So, on Tuesday night I introduced @WhizBangLouLou to the sushi spot in Cedar Square, to let her in on the delish secret of those strawberry, cheese and salmon rainbow rolls. Oh, so good!

And yesterday I got the call. The call from the agent. The Owner has accepted my offer!! (and I re-read this blog post from March 2010 ... so surreal, haha) He did add in an additional condition of sale tho. But hopefully it'll just end up being completely irrelevant. He had actually already sold this property but that Buyer couldn't get finance so it fell thru. So now it basically says he can continue to accept offers up until the point my bond is approved. And if he does get another offer I have 48hrs to match it or lose the deal.

As such I have already mailed off all my bond docs to the Bond Consultant. Let's hope this dude works some speedy magic and gets everything happily approved and sorted asap. They are hoping to have everything signed, sealed and on the go before the 31 August so I can give 2 months notice where I'm renting now. OMG, I might be moving to my very own home on 01 November.

I will say tho, Bond Applications scare the shit out of me. They are terrifying. And I'm more terrified right now because last time I tried to get a bond while I already had one (back in 2007), it was declined :( So yes, literally the next few days are going to have me on the edge of my seat waiting to hear and being very nervy. Sigh. As much as I 100% completely believe that this house is meant to be mine, there is a small dark corner of my brain worrying that I'm just setting myself up for a giant disappointment :( Anyhoo, for now we're keeping absolutely positive, because, how on earth could this not happen?! ;)

The other good news arrived in a surprise email from my current tenant, who's lease is up at the end of October. She asked if I had found another tenant yet because she has a friend who is keen to rent the unit and will sign a 12month lease (depending on how much I was planning on increasing the rental). How fantastic will that be? So finger's crossed for that too.

I was meant to be seeing The Trucker for dinner but he ended up driving his sister (it was her bday) to their mom's (in the Free State) for an overnight visit instead. Which turned out to be a good thing. I spent the evening getting my Bond Application docs sorted and finishing the last of what I needed for Tax 2011. An admin evening, but a much needed one :)


Tamara said...

So exciting about the house! And (seeing I've seen it on Twitter) getting bond approval. Woohoo!!!

Where outside the circle is it?

AngelConradie said...

I have never filled in bond application forms... I used to think that my knucklehead and I would be living in our own house with a garden "one day" but I could never even dream of affording it.
Wait, did you way "strawberry, cheese and salmon rainbow rolls"!? Seriously!??!?

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