Friday, August 05, 2011

No more sleeps!

Yip, I'm headed in the direction of Botswana at midday today :) Yay. It has been a pretty busy week tho. On Wednesday evening I had some girl-friends over for dinner and a catch-up ... I attempted my Nam-Jim Chicken as wraps (with those weird rice-paper wraps). I won't say it was as successful as the meal as a whole, but it was an interesting alternative. Perhaps next time I should try it with more adventurous eaters ...

And then yesterday The Trucker and I did the last of our shopping for Botswana and packed the Pajero. I am an expert tetris packer of food. I am only concerned about how it'll all fit together once we start actually eating it :) It is packed tight with no space to move around currently. Perfect!

We got take-out Chinese for dinner last night (his choice, not mine ... I feel the need to point this out after @louisabouwer commented that I'm eating chinese quite often after my return - haha). I can't remember the name of the place, it was pretty non-descript, but it was the most delish Chinese food I've had since my return. I had their Peking Sauce Beef (at the recommendation of the guy taking our order ... my head was too cloudy to make any decisions myself!). Oh yes, did I mention I'm sick :P Urgh. How annoying is that right before we go away. But I have been living on med-lemons and cal-c-vitas and today I'm feeling closer to better :) (My nose may still be running, but I can mostly breathe all the time again - win! Haha)

Righto folks, see you in 10 days :)


Louisa said...

Enjoy Botswana! And if you happen to wander through Island Safari Lodge in Maun, go climb the pole for me and have some Amarula on ice. ;-)

AngelConradie said...

I hope you were all better before you left!

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