Monday, August 22, 2011

The Usual Weekend Stuff

I am surprisingly not really in the mood for blogging right now ... and as such, there is still no eta on the Botswana posts (hope by the time I get round to it I haven't forgotten it all! Haha, this time wasn't a keep-a-travel-diary kinda trip, you know?).

Anyhoo, on Thursday evening The Trucker and I went for a disappointing dinner, Luca's was full and we ended up at Doppio and my pasta wasn't how I usually have it and I'm not sure if I ordered it wrong or they served it wrong or what.

We also ended up going out for a late dinner on Friday night because it was supposed to be a little celebratory, my Bond got approved :) Am still waiting for FNB to come back (with a hopefully lower rate than Standard Bank has offered, but either way I still have an approved bond so all is a-go on the house - whoop whoop!). But he'd had a long day and we headed out late with no where specific in mind and drove and attempted many places that were full before giving up almost entirely. We actually ended up having quite a delish meal at Santorini in Hyde Park. Nothing better than sharing mezze ;)

But we were both in weird moods and Saturday was not a great day. But I think by the end of it we'd sorted everything out and everyone felt better about things :) We had breakfast on Saturday morning at the Food Lovers Market in The Wedge. I wouldn't really recommend it although my Bacon & Brie croissant was quite tasty.

On Saturday evening he headed off to his ex-girlf's dad's 60th birthday. Weird, right? Well anyway, whatever. I'm over it. I invited @Rubyletters and Nadgia over for dinner to keep me company and it was a great evening :) I'm sure I had far more fun than I would've had I tagged along with him.

On Sunday we went for breakfast at Cafe Rossini and then I headed off to a Hot Dog Half-Birthday at @clairam's while he played cricket.

All in all a pretty up&down weekend. As is to be expected after such a roller-coaster week :)

Oh, and I had to take Rexy to the vet on Friday afternoon. I'd noticed white mucous on his nose and he was sneezing since Wednesday. After a quick browse online I terrified myself. So off we went. Thankfully I phoned my regular vet only to find out he was on leave so found another exotics specialist in Craighall Park. The boy is now on antibiotics twice a day (and not very impressed about it at all!). I'm also keeping him inside with a humidifier at night. He still hasn't unblocked yet tho :(


Anonymous said...

Was awesome to catch up over a glass of wine and dinner:)

AngelConradie said...

Poor Rex! Is he better now? How do you give a bunny antibiotics?

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