Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not So Far Away

Well, I did skip the traditional Monday morning weekend post ... but Taste seemed more important :) So here's what else we got up to.

I'd bought a weekend in Bryanston on St Luke's Auction a while back and decided that the Taste weekend would be the best time to use it. So on Friday afternoon, we headed off to Homestead on Homestead.

Wow. Seriously. We (much to our surprise) found ourselves in the honeymoon suite, an absolutely massive room with a giant bathroom (2 showers, one indoor & one outdoor!). It was fabulous. And the house is also amazing. The owner, Ingrid, grew up there as a little girl cause her folks built it originally. The grounds are massive and stunningly maintained. I was just fascinated. I mean I always look at these fancy places and wonders who puts together all the bits and pieces of furniture. Because it all looks amazing but none of it is ever stuff I would choose. It's like those places in magazines where you wonder if anyone ever uses all these chairs and spaces ... it all just looks too pristine.

Anyway we headed off to the original Ghazal's for dinner on Friday night. Their Mahknie was delish (as always), but neither of us found the Korma as good as usual. And I dunno why The Trucker insists on starters ... I was so full by the end of the meal! But we still found space for a little flake-cone from KFC on the way back (he *has* to have dessert ... it's a terrible habit ;) haha).

And then we had a bit of a lazy Saturday morning and breakfast was spot-on ... while we watched the 2nd half of our very convincing RWC win over Fiji :)

Then it was off to the shops for a bit (had to collect our taste tickets). I hate shopping with The Trucker ... inevitably he comes home with bags of goodies and I've bought nothing. Well, I'm not that much of a shopper anyways. Haha. But I was teasing him about it ;)

Then it was a quick hello to the bunnies before heading off to Taste. After Taste we headed back to my house let the bunnies round a bit before heading back to the B&B for a lazy evening. We decided to make use of the DSTv in our room (since neither of us have it ... and again I was reminded of why we don't!) and watched Ghost. Wow, it was rubbish. Some movies I guess you should just not watch again.

Sunday was another lazy morning. And then after some lazy book-reading before leaving the B&B, we headed off to do some major grocery shopping.

I decided to experiment this week with pre-made meals for breakfast & lunch for work. So far it's going well. Breakfast is a mix of granola, vanilla seeds, dried cranberries, banana and strawberries (those last two are added on the morning). And for lunch I whipped up a veggie cous cous salad type thing (cous cous, chopped almonds, sunflower seeds, carrot, baby tomatoes, red, yellow & green peppers, celery, bean sprouts, kidney beans, feta ... I can't remember if there is anything else). We'll see how it keeps (hence the experiment part. It's all been portioned into 500g. So I spent my Sunday afternoon preparing while The Trucker headed home to garden & work.

It was a pretty good weekend really :) Don't discount the good a weekend away even so close to home can do ;)

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