Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Weekend Away

Yip, I had another weekend away :) Sheesh, but it was further than we thought. And we left about 2hrs later than we intended to (The Trucker was waiting for the Pajero to get fixed by the mechanic who didn't seem to have any sense of urgency).

Eventually we set off at about 3pm. And it was a good 5hr drive to Nxala Ranch near Dundee. We arrived in the dark. There were 4 other guests sharing the lodge with us for Friday night and they'd decided to wait for us to arrive before eating dinner. So after offloading our bags, we sat down to a 3 course meal and then it was off to bed after an exhausting drive.

The place would be awesome if it weren't so far away from Joburg because you can rent out the entire place as self-catering. Sadly tho there seems to be only 1 room with a double bed :(

Anyway, after a delish breakfast on Saturday morning (we had got a Dinner, Bed & Breakfast option from St Luke's Auction) the other guests set off for their next destination and we headed out to explore the Battlefields region a little. I'll admit my knowledge of the Anglo-Zulu war is (still) pretty minimal. But it was interesting to visit Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana.

After that, it was off to Dundee to get some provisions for lunch and then back to the Ranch for a relaxing afternoon.

Later in the early evening we took the Pajero out and went to find their san rock paintings (which are barely discernible anymore). And then we just generally drove around the farm looking at the cows & game and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset.

For dinner, since we were the only ones staying there, they provided us with a vast amount & variety of food and left us to ourselves to braai and eat at our leisure. It was quite a nice evening and the food was delish :)

We watched Repo Men after dinner, which The Trucker had already seen, but I hadn't. I wasn't that blown away by it, but you could tell they really thought they had a good twist at the end. I thought it fell rather flat, actually.

And then on Sunday morning, after another yummy breakfast, I relaxed with my book outside and The Trucker watched the Rugby World Cup final. Wow, so many birds around, I saw loads of weavers & swallows as well as 2 woodpeckers! So cool :)

And then after the rugby, we packed up and headed off home. Another long hot drive. But we got home before 6pm and the bunnies enjoyed some good run-around time :)

Can't believe there is less than a week before I move. I am excited and mildly freaking out. You know, not about the actual move, about all the other stuff that I haven't thought about. The making new habits and getting into new routines and what not. Let alone trying to organise a new domestic and what to do about telkom and who knows what else! And quietly boiling over about the fact that the council still has not provided clearance figures although they've been requesting them since 09 September!! This is the last thing holding them up from getting to the Deeds office and getting this house transferred into my name! Yip. I'm a little emotionally wired this week ...

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