Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekends Fly By

It was generally a pretty good weekend :) Friday started it very well. The Trucker & I didn't really have any plans for the weekend yet, but I got a message on Friday afternoon telling me that we now had plans for that evening. Oh really, I asked, and what are we doing. Apparently it was a surprise.

And it really was! Sometimes he get's it completely right :) He picked me up at 7pm and told me that it was far away and that we needed to get dinner before. Well now I was completely confused because I had just assumed we were going out for dinner.

Turns out we were (all part of confusing me so I didn't figure it out till we pulled into the parking lot and I saw the restaurant name), at Gray. You know, the place we'd said we'd try some time after Taste. Well I had totally forgotten. but he hadn't :)

They offer a 5 course set menu (which changes often, apparently) and all their own wine (which was quite good). The restaurant is not that big, but it felt cosy. I find it's location quite bizarre tho! The food was fantastic and the wait-staff were very helpful and attentive. I would highly recommend a visit.

On Saturday we had a bit of an unsuccessful admin morning and a very lazy afternoon. But it was one of those days where whenever The Trucker  had some peace and quiet some work thing would interrupt. I don't think he was in a very good mood. Poor boy.

In the evening we just got some Indian take-out and headed for his couch. We watched Easy A (now this is exactly the sort of movie I leave for dvd!). Which was good, light, no-thinking entertainment, just what we needed.

And then we watched Russell Peter's Red, White and Brown which was quite entertaining.

And then, of course, we were up unusually early for the SA Rugby game on Sunday morning. We'd made plans to meet some of The Trucker's friends at Cesco's on Beyers .... which turned out to no longer be Cesco's and an all round disappointment. So at half-time we moved across to Tony's, which was much better, even tho we lost the game :(

After that there was some general admin running around that The Trucker had to do before dropping me at home and heading to cricket. I went and did some grocery shopping, and some shopping for my Santa's Shoebox. And had a snooze and cleaned the bunny hutch.

And then I was in a truly bizarre mood. You know the one where you are just completely unsettled and unable to make any concrete decisions. Like what to eat although you know you're hungry. And even once you decide what you are in the mood for, 10 mins later you're like "Nah". That mood. Damn, when I get like that I annoy myself so much! Then I really shouldn't be alone so that someone else can make all the important decisions for me instead - haha.

So since The Trucker was working and unavailable to fulfill such a role, I ended up going for dinner with CollegeInstructor. And after driving around for about 45mins trying to figure out what to eat, we ended up at Adega so I could have their kilo of prawns. Perfect. Seriously, I was amazed. Usually when I'm in that kind of mood, because I can't pin point anything I specifically want I end up being disappointed in whatever I end up having. But not last night :)

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