Monday, November 07, 2011

Seven Weeks Til Xmas

Well it was a pretty busy weekend, really. Not much house stuff to report tho. Transfer still has not gone thru :( But apparently the lawyers have now got in an external company to get the Clearance Figures (or something). Damn, I hope it goes thru before the end of November!!

On Friday evening, I was watching the storm closely because The Trucker & I had plans to go to the Drive-In. Hahaha, I know, right? How mad. I haven't been since I was probably about 3. They closed them all in Cape Town and I've never been since I moved up to Joburg. We've been trying to go for a while, but there has never really been 2 movies we wanted to see. Honestly there is very little showing at the moment that interests me at all. But we were both keen to see Contagion and What's Your Number? didn't look terrible.

The storm cleared perfectly and the Drive-In was very quiet. We even got to watch a few fireworks going off during intermission. So, the Drive-In is R75 per car. Not too bad considering normal movies are probably about R40 per person. But I don't think I would go to watch 2 movies again anytime soon. I honestly could hardly stay awake thru the 2nd one.

The Drive-In is a weird experience. I wouldn't say your car is more comfortable than a cinema. The people who came in their Land Rover, reverse parked and then climbed in the back with the back seats down and duvets & pillows probably had a better idea! There were some very weird kids in the car next to us. And some people brought their dog ?! The sound and everything was perfect, being enclosed in our own little space tho :)

What's Your Number? was exactly what I expected. The Trucker was a little bored with it. Contagion however was a huge giant massive let-down. Massive. Yawn. I barely stayed awake during it. It was a star-studded cast and the trailer made it look far more interesting than it turned out to be. It was completely boring. Do Not bother watching this. Not even on dvd. Don't even waste the bandwidth downloading this!

On Saturday morning I had my new Domestic Worker come around so that I could meet her and she could get a feel for the place. She was only there about 3 hours. So far I'm happy with her, thanks Doodles! She'll be starting on Wednesday properly. Which is marvelous, the house needs some serious post-move cleaning :)

The Trucker & I popped out for a quick breakfast and then a bit later we collected his sister & niece and headed off to his mom & gran in Reitz to celebrate his gran's 80th birthday (tomorrow).

He snoozed most of the afternoon while the girl's all chatted away. In the evening we watched Trevor Noah's Crazy Normal.

On Sunday after breakfast we headed home. The Trucker went off to play cricket and I headed off hunting for house stuffs. I think I've found curtains I like for the lounge & bedrooms. But, I didn't think finding a bench for my verandah would be this tricky! Ah well, nothing is really urgent, honestly. I like the browsing, although with the lounge still in chaos (am waiting for another opportunity with the Mahindra to get rid of some gym equipment the previous owner left before I can figure out where that giant dining room table of mine is going!). Also I want to get the carpets cleaned too. And then the shuffling around will begin. Haha. Really not sure where anything is going to go yet!

In the evening I popped over to The Trucker's (can you believe I haven't been there since before we went to Dundee!) with dinner (I made us delish gourmet hotdogs!) and we watched Captain America. Haha, another movie I'm glad I skipped on the big screen. The Trucker's comment was "Well that's quite enough propaganda for one night" Haha.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been to the drive-in in ages (not as long as you though). It's quite nice when you go in a big group and you don't really care if you see the whole movie. We used to drag a weber braai out there and camping chairs...about 20 of us! I never did get to see the end of that particular James Bond movie ;-)

Tamara said...

I used to go to the one on the top of Menlyn with my housemates in our gap year. As you say - having a bakkie or 4x4 with lots of pillows and parking it in reverse is the best plan.

The trailer for Contagion looked almost exactly like Outbreak to me. Glad I can show TSC your review now - he's been pushing to see it and I would really rather watch something else.

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