Monday, January 09, 2012


Wow. So not in the mood for blogging this morning. Actually, it's been a bit of a weird mood weekend, generally. And I had serious Sunday Blues last night :( I know I've been back at work for 4 days already ... so it wasn't really a back-to-work thing, but it kinda was. I dunno, I just felt terrified for the future. Do you ever have that. Where you think, damn, I'm an adult and I'm responsible for all this stuff and it's just scary and you wonder how on earth everyone does this. I'm guessing the general weird mood weekend was to blame. But it still hasn't worn off yet this morning ... I kinda just want to go hide somewhere.

So, last week was pretty quiet, The Trucker worked late most nights but we always saw each other. On Friday evening we went to Cafe Mexicho with some friends and it was awesome, love that place!

On Saturday we went and had breakfast at the new Vovo Telo in Cresta and did some browsing around the shops. He's in need of a new cell phone and I need some new books ... and a bunch of new furniture now that I have rearranged my lounge into the configuration I expect it'll stay. #sigh this is going to be an expensive year and it's kinda terrifying me in the background ...

So after a longer than expected stop and a bunch of shops where we were just browsing around, we headed home for a bit. I wanted to do something cool in the afternoon. I dunno, I feel like all we do is watch Series, go out for dinner and go to movies. I want to do other stuff. I don't exactly know what, but offbeat things. Any ideas for things to do on Joburg weekend afternoons?

What ended up happening was we were both in weird moods (this in-sync weird mood behaviour has only happened once before, but it is not good :( ). We napped and snapped at each other and so watched more tv because neither of us knew what we felt like doing and talking to each other was just not constructive in these moods. It was not a great afternoon really. And it has kinda stuck with me. Although I think we woke up in better moods on Sunday, I don't really feel settled and back to normal again ... I'm weird like that. It takes me a while.

On Sunday we headed to Golden Harvest for a walk before breakfast and then I had my great-aunt & -uncle coming over for lunch. It was lovely to see them again :)

And that was about my entire day. As I said, it was a weird weekend. Hopefully things get back to normal over the course of today.

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