Thursday, April 05, 2012

Almost Away Again

Yay. Today is technically Friday. We have a lovely 4 day long Easter weekend starting tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it :) These early mornings really are getting harder now that the sun is rising later and it's getting colder.

I'm more excited tho because yesterday we managed to find what looks like a lovely little spot that still had space available for the long weekend. The Trucker & his friend were talking about us all going away for the long weekend, but nothing ever got organised. So this week, after getting back from Cape Town, he & I decided we still wanted to try going away if we could so I started a hunt for accommodation. But I'll tell you, it's damn hard to find accommodation in South Africa if you a) don't have any where specific in mind and b) are looking for something quaint or romantic (I am not a holiday-resort sort of person).

I wish more than ever that the silly accommodation websites in South Africa would let you search by range (instead of province). Living in Gauteng has highlighted the sheer need to be able to search for accommodation in say a radius of kilometers from a central point. In Gauteng we have the fabulous option of being able to get to 4 of the other provinces without having to drive prohibitively far. So doing a province search is, quite honestly, a nightmare. I'd rather be able to find accommodation that is 2-3hrs drive from Joburg. I don't really care which province it's in :P Clearly no one else has thought of this tho because not a single accommodation listing website offers this service, despite the fact that I mailed the need to a few of them a couple of years back. And trust me, I know that the functionality is available (I, personally, have used it for listing car dealerships on another website). #annoying

Anyway, so we bounced around, found a lot of lovely accommodation that was either too far away (I didn't want to drive 5 or 6 hours what with our marathon road-trip to Namibia coming up at the end of the month) or too expensive. Seriously, having nothing specific in mind can be a curse. But luckily I was at SCM on Tuesday night and @samanthaperry recommended a spot in nearby Magaliesburg to me which The Trucker also thought sounded good. And they have space! Bonus :)

So tomorrow we'll be going away for 3 nights. Yesterday, TheBrad asked me why I actually bought a house ... since I seem to spend so much time away - haha.

Anyway, so this week ... on Monday night The Trucker came over and brought and cooked us a delish dinner. It was one of those nice nights of hanging out together just doing our own thing. Tuesday evening was SCM. And last night I had a quiet evening at home alone.

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