Friday, May 25, 2012


Okay well there's a good reason for me only have to have put up holiday posts this week .... a) they were ready and b) I've been in training all week at work. So not much time for blogging. Although it does seem to have increased my twitter output ;)

Anyway, it's been a very average week. Leftover Prego Rolls for dinner with The Trucker on Monday evening, nice and relaxed. Tuesday evening at SCM. Dinner at Gourmet Garage with CollegeInstructor to thank him for bunny-sitting while I was in Namibia. I've discovered the trick to dinner at Gourmet Garage now. Because I consistently order the same thing: Chili Cheese Fries with a Peanut Butter Burger. And I polish of those oh so yummy fries before touching my burger and then can barely get half way and end up feeling positively stuffed. Not ideal for such delish food. So this time I asked for a 2nd plate when they brought my meal and as it arrive I cut the burger in half and split the fries down the middle and got a take-away immediately. Worked out perfectly. I enjoyed all the amazing flavours of my meal and didn't end up feeling too full at all. Just perfect. Best part was I got to enjoy all those flavours yet again at lunch on Thursday ;)

On Thursday evening I stayed home watching Series and The Trucker popped by for a quick visit before he headed off to Action Cricket. I've been feeling a little sick & snotty this week and although I did consider heading all the way to Wolves for Woodstock Mafia (a friend from my school day's brother is in the band) a quiet night in suited me far better. Oh well. Can't do everything all the time - haha.

This morning I'm feeling much worse :( Oh well. I guess I'll have to have a relaxing weekend then ;)

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Chris said...

Great idea with Gourmet Garage. Those portions are massive! Do you go to the one at Montecasino?

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