Friday, June 15, 2012

Plenty of Planning

The week ... *casts mind back*

Monday was pretty uneventful. The Trucker came over for dinner. On Tuesday I went to SCM as usual. Got to chat to @clairam about my Vietnam itinerary. She approves :) Although she did get me excited about a possible day in Phnom Penh, which we currently don't have. But that was back when I thought we had an extra day to throw in somewhere. Turns out we likely don't because Thai Air only flys on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday (and arrives back on those same days). At the moment it looks like Flying out on a Saturday and back 2 weeks later on the Monday. Otherwise it's a whole extra 2 days leave which I'm not sure I have. We were kinda hoping to do a long weekend to Lesotho to go up Sani Pass with the Pajero too.

So far our planned itinerary includes (these are the highlights, not the full itinerary, and nothing has been booked as yet): Overnight on a Junk Boat in Halong Bay, a Motor Bike Ride over the Hai Van Pass ala Top Gear, scuba diving at Cham Islands, visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels, visiting Angkor Wat and 3 days on a Cambodian Beach :D I am so excited!

Anyway. Then on Wednesday The Trucker came over for dinner and we were both in weird moods so we put the Vietnam planning on hold (not much we can do till I get my passport back anyways :( ) and watched Series.

Last night he had Action Cricket so I got a night home alone. I realised that I'm not quite sure how I survived Winter without this boy. His gas heater has moved to my house and now so has his extra warm blanket. Okay, the thing is ugly! (My aesthetics are offended!) But it is super warm, so it is staying :)

Not much planned for this weekend except this evening, which I am super duper looking forward to. Some of my fave girls, who I probably only see maybe ever y3-4 months, are coming over for a soup evening :) And there is exciting stuff coming up in the future which I am looking forward to ... my 2 girl-cousins (16 & 20yr olds) are coming to visit me for a weekend from Cape Town in July. Then there is, of course, our pending trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. And then potentially this weekend up Sani Pass.

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