Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to Real Life

Righto folks, I'm back from an awesome and amazing holiday.

There is not much to currently say, except I haven't started the holiday blog posts yet ... Awe. But I have my sights set on them starting next week Monday, so keep your eyes peeled :) And what a fantastic holiday it was. Honestly. Thoroughly enjoyed it, loved traveling with this boy! Actually adore him more now, if that's possible <3 We only had 1 argument incident, which was a pretty big one, but I think it was brought on by lack of sleep (both of us) and impending holiday-over-ness (I know I get into weird moods and it was on our last day), but it is all fine now :)

Our flight landed at about 7:30am yesterday and we were home & unpacking around 10am. I spent the day doing washing, re-introducing myself to the bunnies, slowly unpacking (this could take actual days) and just generally vegging about. Oh yes, and most important: grocery shopping.

The Trucker actually ended up working yesterday afternoon :P Typical. He thought he'd pop round to the office to say "Hi". Rookie mistake. Anyway, We had an early dinner, watched a little TV (we didn't actually finish a whole episode) and were probably in bed and asleep before 20h30 last night.

And today it is back to reality. Jees Joburg but you are *cold*. I am not adjusting easily to the iciness here at all. Worst part ever is the toilet seats. Hahaha #firstworldproblems.

Yes yes, and I know we missed the snow. That's about the only thing we were sorry about not being home for during our holiday for. But we were kept pretty up-to-date thruout with free wifi in all our hotels.

Oh, and there are 1667 photos to go thru! Eep. Oh, and would you believe that I drank coffee this holiday? Lots of it! But Vietnamese coffee is something quite different (and they use condensed milk) ! I loved it :) But more on that in the holiday posts.

And I realised just that I have quite a few (maybe peculiar?) holiday travel habits. There is the Fanta Flavour one, where I try any new Fanta flavours in the countries I visit - which as I've said before is quite bizarre because I don't actually drink Fanta here, well not since they stopped making the Strawberry one! There is the Currency Collection one, where I collect one of each note of the currency in each country I visit. There is the McDonalds one, where I try something at McDonalds in each country I visit ... just because their menu's always have these weird changes in each country. Hmmm, I dunno, are there any others? I know I only really drink Beer while overseas ... and now I was drinking coffee while overseas.  Is this just me or do you have things that you do on every holiday too?

Righto, that is enough for now. Back to all those unread emails waiting for me ...

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to see these holiday posts and I'm really glad you had a good time.

You can chuck condensed milk into local coffee too you know? ;-)

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