Friday, September 28, 2012

Bad to Good

Okay, so I know I haven't been the best blogger this week. But doing our Lesotho weekend on Monday morning just was never going to happen. Plus I was in a pretty miserable anti-social mood on Tuesday. And part of Wednesday.

You know when you are so annoyed and hurt and angry with someone. Yeah that. Let's just say the drive home  from Lesotho was less than awesome. And things didn't get resolved properly (my way, The Trucker was fine from Tuesday morning ... which made me feel worse) till Wednesday evening.

But things did get sorted and things were discussed calmly and rationally ... it's hard when in the heat of the moment you're both stubborn and both think you're right and neither will back down. Things have been much better since then. Am all aglow with happiness in my relationship again :) I much prefer it that way.

So yes, due to anti-social tendencies on my part,  I skipped SCM. But I did fit in my 3 boot camp workouts (omg. I am sore). The Eating Plan went proper out the window in Lesotho what with their sheer lack of lunch stops along the route ... we did manage to buy a packet of Lemon Creams tho :P Haha. My Nutritionist probably just died a little!

But, the amazing news that kicked off an awesome long weekend last Friday was that I actually did really well in my first 3 weeks. Lost a total of 9cms! 9. (That's 4 around the waist alone!). And 2.5kgs too. It was awesome, I won't lie.

And that is about all that's been happening this week. Got a social weekend planned and am loving this damp rainy weather too. All is right in the world again :)

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