Friday, October 19, 2012

Life as Usual

Ah, sweet Friday :)

So it's been a pretty quiet week. Dinnering-at-home with The Trucker Monday to Wednesday. And then last night I went to The Raj for dinner with @jarredcinman. I don't think I've been there before. It was quite nice, I had their chicken korma ... but I would still pick our local Mumbai Brasserie or Ghazals over it again anyday.

Aside from that, I had my monthly catch-up with my nutritionist ... and I was down again. Nowhere near as impressive, but I've had a lot more cheat meals and alcohol with all the socialising than in the first 3 weeks. But, I was still down, and even if it's slow, that's what counts :) Although I did try on a pair of shorts while shopping the other day and I seem to be in that awkward place between sizes now. And I'm too nervous to buy the tighter smaller size ... and too worried that I won't be able to wear the larger size for long enough to warrant the expense. So no new clothes for now.

My car also went in for it's annual service. Eep. They quoted R6700 !! Because it's apparently a Cam Belt Service. Luckily tho, I'm dating The Trucker and he's gonna take my car on Monday and do my cam belt and brakes for me instead. Awe, I am a lucky girl ;)

I don't think there's been any other exciting news ... except that the Peeb's 30th birthday gift is ready for collection. I am so excited. She knows what it is, she requested it. Because it's her 30th I told her to think of something she really wanted but thought was too expensive to buy for herself or that'd she'd love to have but wouldn't spend money on herself. And she picked an Embosser. I know, it sounds weird, but I'd seen them before and thought of her actually. So we've had one custom made and ordered for her (she's approved the design I did for her). I'm super excited.

I'm also super excited cause I submitted my photos for my Photo Cushion. I had never heard of them before a Groupon special, but I thought it was a great idea. The Peeb & I bought one together as an Xmas gift for my gran. And I bought one for myself to put my holiday photos on. Sheesh, Good thing I did it now, they *just* fit! Haha. Can not wait to see how they come out.

I think that's about all. I've had a week off Boot Camp before the next one starts. Although I've been absolutely loving the break, I did manage to make it to the gym for a swim this week. I don't think I've swam at the gym since I was dating Varen! Was lovely, but I only managed 12 laps before I exhausted myself. I think perhaps I need to try doing this on my Boot Camp off day. (I won't lie, it's hard racking up gym visits for Vitality now  that I'm Boot Camping and Discovery doesn't count that :( )

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