Monday, October 29, 2012

No more than Passing the Time

Hmmm, it's been a weird weekend. Am feeling that blue and out of sorts feeling again. I am not a fan. This mood particularly makes me not appreciate all the good things and opportunities in my life :(

Anyway, the weekend wasn't all bad, in fact it wasn't at all bad :P See what this mood does, it sours perfectly normal day-to-day living. #sigh.

On Friday evening, The Trucker & I headed off to Greensleeves for a friend of his' farewell. We've actually been planning to go for a while, The Trucker had never been and I went in probably my first year living up in Joburg, with Bean. I'll be honest, most of the people there with us hadn't been before despite living in Joburg their whole lives. Guess it's like me not having done much in the way of Cape Town touristy things? In fact the couple who we were saying farewell to had tried to organise it for his birthday a few months before, but not enough people were interested in going.

I'll be honest and say I won't be going again any time soon. Maybe in another 10 - 15 years? It's not a great experience. We were there a little late due to some filming closing a road en route. We got our costumes (R90) .... I always feel like everyone else manages to look amazing and pull it off while I feel like a bit of an idiot. But the frenzy in the clothing room and trying to find a gem on the hangers freaks me out and I generally go with the first thing I grab.

Then we headed thru to the venue. Look, it's not a bad evening, I just felt it was far too long. It cost us R395 per person (we were at the King & Queen's table so not sure if that's extra?) and we only ate at 22h15. That is far too late for me. Yes, there was some toast and pate when we sat, and a platter of finger food arrived with enough for just one bite of each thing for everyone. And that was quite fun, finger feeding your partner. Mostly you just drink while you watch the show. Which is entirely scripted and doesn't seem to leave too much room for how the audience are reacting (again, just my opinion). It dragged on a little long for me.

I wasn't very hungry by the time the mains arrived, I can't really eat after 9pm at night. I'd lost interest by this point and both The Trucker and I were more than ready to leave by the time dessert (ice cream with berries) arrived. So we paid for our drinks (it's an expensive evening!) and headed home at about 23h30. Yawning our heads off. Nope, I won't be going back any time soon.

On Saturday we were up early to head to the Bayberry Kitchens showroom. I'm excited about my kitchen, but it is going to be far too expensive. I've asked for a quote with some extra gadgety type things (swivel things for the corner cupboards and a pull-out pantry cupboard). I figure since the kitchen is so tiny I need to make the most of the space I have.

After that we went and did more house type stuffs. I bought new down-lighters for the lounge, along with LED bulbs and new light fittings for the 2 bedrooms from Lighting Warehouse. We popped into Easy Life Kitchens and I'll have to bite the bullet and pay the R300 to get them to come and measure & quote next week, I think. It sounds like they'll be cheaper.

Then we went to Builders. We looked at paint colours (for the main bedroom), I bought a geyser blanket and a timer switch. I've drawn up a plan for things to buy each month with the money I'm not spending on my car repayment, in the hopes that then I will finally get all my house stuff done over time without breaking the bank! Hopefully November's thing will be getting the Electrician to now install all these lights I've bought ;) Here's to saving on the monthly electricity bill too!

After that The Trucker had to head to work ... for an hour or so, he said. So I went grocery shopping since we'd planned to do homemade pizza's for dinner on Saturday evening. He's been craving them for a while now. 7 hours later, he finally came home. #sigh. I know, there is nothing he can do either. But it left me at a bit of a loose end. Especially with the mood that was brewing. I hung out at home, read my book, napped and watched some TV.

In the evening we made the pizzas - yummy as always :) And watched Safety Not Guaranteed. It was quite a sweet movie with a bunch of unknowns ... but I thought the ending left a lot to be desired.

On Sunday we had a lazy morning and went for breakfast at Mugg & Bean. The Trucker napped & I faffed for the afternoon till he headed off to cricket.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I finally got my Rhinose :)

See, I think being at a loose end is the trigger of this mood. I dunno. I think it is also triggered by me feeling weirdness in my relationship with The Trucker. We did have a bit of a disconnected weekend. He's much better at disconnected than me, in fact I think it's his preferred state. Either way, this week is gonna be crazy so I don't have time to be blue anymore! Haha. Looking forward to my brief trip to Cape Town for The Bookmarks tho :D

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Anonymous said...

I also tend to suffer with that sort of mood. It makes things seem quite....weird and depressing, even when they're just normal.

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