Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Surprise Visit

Yay, I am having a fantastic week :) Made infinitely more awesome by the fact that I'm sitting in our  Cape Town office right now and it is a beautiful day and I can see the sea from my desk.

Monday and Tuesday night were pretty uneventful. I made it to boot camp for both nights since I won't make it for the rest of the week - except maybe (unlikely) Friday, if I'm feeling super energetic ;)

This time I quickly snapped out of the weird mood I was in when I wrote on Monday. I managed to remind myself (which is harder than it sounds because generally I tend not to believe myself if it's me trying to make myself believe, you know?) that The Trucker does love and care for me more than I sometimes a) give him credit for and b) realise. But I get so focused on the things I think he should have done or didn't do (based on what *I* think he should've done in certain situations). But then the honest truth is that the boy surprises me. He does things I don't think of. And he is awesome. #sigh. I'm missing him just a little bit right now ... in a wish you were here kinda way.

Anyhoo, back to this week. Last Monday I found out that Work was sending me to Cape Town this week for The Bookmarks (tonight) so I flew down a day early to spend an evening with the family. So, yesterday morning, I flew down to Cape Town, got chauffeur driven to the office and worked from here before being collected by The Brother in Law and headed back to The Peeb's flat. Was nice to see the 2 of them & I handed over their Vietnam-Cambodia gifts. The Divine Miss M popped round for a visit too which was really nice. I forget sometimes how much I miss her. I think she may be the girl friend I miss the most ...

Then at about 7, Mom & Daddio came to fetch me and we headed to El Burro for dinner. I've heard all over twitter about this place. Sometimes it totally sucks hearing about these awesome Cape Town restaurants that don't have branches in Joburg :( Anyhoo, so this has been on my list of places to try for a while. I'll admit I was a little surprised when The Folks agreed. I didn't think it was their sort of restaurant at all.

But I think everyone had an awesome evening :) A huge perk for me was that they serve Eversons Cider :) I teased The Trucker by sending him a photo - haha. We shared 2 of the starters. The Calamari sounded delish, pan-seared with chili, lime and coriander. And while it was nice and perfectly acceptable, the starter that stole my heart was their Chiles Relenos. It's no secret that I am a giant Chili Popper fan. This are just as good, if a little different. No batter and an awesome smokey flavour. They were so tasty! Have them!

For Mains I had to try their Goat Build-Your-Own Tortilla. Wow. It was tasty, I really liked it. But as usual, the potions were massive! I tried one normal flour tortilla and one corn one and that was all I could manage. I had to keep some space for the Churros they had on their dessert menu. I don't think I've had proper churros since I was in Spain. And these were superb. Seriously, I'd go back for just this .... actually for everything ;) What a lovely meal & generally great evening, with some hysterical moments!

Anyhoo, looking forward to another fun-filled day here before flying home tomorrow :) Please note I've included the obligatory gratuitous sea shot ... wouldn't be a visit to Cape Town without one!

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The Divine Miss M said...

Aaaw that is so sweet! I miss you lots, too.

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