Friday, November 16, 2012

Delightful Dinner

The Trucker worked from my house a little yesterday morning to let Lily & Rex have some run-around time ... it's the only time you can really tell if they're acting normal cause in their hutch they mostly sleep. Today I'm working from home and they are busy running around :) Both seem in perfect health. But I won't really stop worrying till next week. Trying to give them their Panacur last night was a laugh. They are impossible and it ended up all over the place! Hopefully The Trucker will have better luck this weekend ... otherwise I've told him he is quite welcome to take them to the vet and ask them to do it. I'm off to Cape Town a little later for The Peeb's 30th birthday party (her actual bday was on Monday). Sheesh. I feel old, my little sister is 30. Hell, my boyfriend isn't even 30! Eep. Haha.

Yesterday afternoon was my last Boot Camp class for the year. I've signed up for the January one already tho :) The Trucker got to come and try the class out, the booys had to bring R50 to donate to CANSA. Was a surprisingly well attended class and all us girls laughed at how easy they went on us with the boys there - haha. He had fun tho, I think :) It was a nice novelty.

In the evening I'd planned a Surprise Date Night (since I am away all weekend and he is doing an even bigger favour for me now with the bunnies). I took him to the Fire & Ice Hotel Restaurant in Melrose Arch. Wow. I had heard their burgers & milkshakes were good and we were not disappointed :)

We started with their Spicy Tiger Salad to share. Oh the flavours were superb! Then we both had a 150g Beef Burger. The Trucker had their peri-peri pervert sauce and I couldn't resist the Dark Lindt & Chili sauce. Oh my, both were so good! It'd seriously be tough if we went back because I loved the Lindt sauce so much, I'd be seriously tempted to have it again. But there are so many others that sound amazing to try! Haha. First World Problems.

And, of course, we saved the milkshakes as dessert. We decided to spread the love and instead of just getting a full-sized milkshake each, we decided to get 3 half-pints (smaller) ones to share ... gotta try taste as much of the goodness as we can!

We had the Pumpkin, Marshmallow & Caramel, the Aero and the Peanut Butter and Banana (hands down, the best). Shew. It was still a lot of milkshake!

I'd highly recommend you try this spot.

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