Friday, April 26, 2013

Thirty Three Today

So I had a pretty awesome evening yesterday :) We hadn't planned anything, but The Trucker was his usual sneaky self and had made a dinner booking for us at Cafe del Sol.

We had an amazing and special dinner. We chatted about our future life plans ... where we want to live, holiday houses we dream of owning and if we actually want to get married or not. I had one of my all-time favourite dishes to start, their Beetroot Carpaccio (thinly sliced beetroot topped with gorgonzola, orange slice and strawberries). The Trucker tried their Italian Primevera Rolls. I tasted one and they were also very good.

We sipped bubbly to celebrate (because aside from my birthday, the other good news is that the Agent phoned me yesterday afternoon to say our rental application is looking good, but he was going to a funeral that afternoon so we'll probably only hear for sure today. Keep those fingers crossed, people!)

I ordered one of their special's for my mains, Prawn and Chorizo in a Napoletana sauce with fresh Tagliatelle. Superb. The Trucker, surprisingly didn't have pasta. He decided on the Bacon & Brie Matured Beef Fillet. OMG, I tasted it and it was amazing. Seriously. So delish. Love this little restaurant!

We headed home, where The Trucker had sneaked for Filo Yoghurt into  our freezer for dessert (he'd left cricket practice early to get there in time before it closed). He got us the Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Berry flavours to taste. Don't worry, we couldn't even come close to finishing those huge tubs after our amazing dinner. But apparently it'll keep just fine for us in the freezer :) It was really yummy.

We didn't do gifts this morning, it would be too crazy even trying to squeeze more than 2 minutes of anything extra into my morning mad-dash to leave the house by 6:05am. But I did see a large gift bag out on the counter to tempt me. So rude ;) We'll do that later before we head to Kruger this afternoon. Am so excited for our trip, I haven't been to Kruger since about a month after I first moved to Joburg (2004)!

I got in to work this morning to find my desk decorated, as is the office tradition. The flowers look amazing. And I'm not sure who the bunny "outfit" is supposed to be a gift for, me or The Trucker ;) Haha. But it is clearly based on of my unusual pet choice :) Looking forward to a good Friday.

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The Chantal said...

Wow your birthday is amazing so far, can't wait to read about the rest of it next week.

Happy Birthday!!!

33 is a Schnapps birthday so be sure to have a shot later for good luck.

Best wishes

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