Friday, June 07, 2013

Already June!

Shew. I have been sleeping very weirdly this week. I think Sunday night threw me. I have been exhausted but unable to fall asleep ... and then this morning I felt like my alarm kept buzzing me out of a really deep sleep. And I'd fall right back into it before it went off again. It's devastating when you have to wake up from such a deep sleep and it's still so dark.

Anyway, the week has been okay, nothing too exciting. SCM Dinner on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday we had a nice one at home. I made @ironyandgum's quiche. It was pretty delish, much thicker than my crustless quiche, which I can't even remember when last I made! I made her's with salami, spinach, corn and tomaraisons. I loved it. I loved it even more as leftovers with salad last night! Haha. Even The Trucker enjoyed it ... except the tomaraisons, he picked all of those out, thought the flavour was too overpowering.

Aside from that it's been a quiet week. It's been a rough crazy-busy one at work. And there is still a whole day to go :( But I am super duper looking forward to this weekend. We're going away for our Belated Anniversary Weekend <3

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