Friday, July 19, 2013

Real Life is Hard

Ah well, it's been another not-so-busy week. Which, I guess, is to be expected.

As I said, I decided to stay home on Monday and Tuesday and that turned out to be a the best idea. I tried working a little from home, but the connection to the office network wasn't great. But I think it definitely helped me re-sync my mindset with office-life simply by catching up on emails and other office admin before being back fully in the swing of things.

I tried driving myself for the first time on Monday afternoon. Just a quick trip up to Northgate (probably a mere kilometer & a half). And I went while things were quiet and everyone else was at work. There was a lot of discomfort from the seat belt.

And again after a simple trip to Dischem and to put in some petrol (maybe an extra 4km) I was quite finished.

On Tuesday I tried a little more driving since I had to renew my driver's license (it expires at the end of August). I went at about 11am because the morning rush of people trying to go before work is over. I was in and out an under half an hour (I also got my eye's tested at Northgate the day before). What a pleasure.

And those were my days. I skipped SCM again on Tuesday.

On Wednesday I was back at work for real, out of bed at 5:20am. Now that was a shock to the system. And I didn't last a full day. I sat in my car, already exhausted after the 26km drive. By lunch I was staring at my screen, dazed. I went home and napped. Apparently all the exhaustion is likely from the anaesthetic slowly leaving my system ...

Thursday was much better, I lasted the whole day. But I was tired by the time the evening rolled around and we needed to decide on dinner.

I'm pretty sure by Monday I'll be 100% back to normal. Although to be honest I still have some sensitivity. Mostly when I walk, the right side, where they took out the mammoth, makes itself known. I always kind of feel about "body things" if you are aware of it, it is out of the ordinary, because generally with your body it just exists ... if that makes any sense?

I also did something funny last night (I think I twisted to reach and move my pillow) and the left side was in some serious pain for about 5mins. Definitely a very different sort of very real pain, nothing like I've experienced at all since the surgery. Got me a little nervous, can you pull out your internal stitches accidentally with a stretch? Will have to speak to the doc about this tomor.

What other news this week? The Trucker and I are okay, but taking some strain. I think I struggle with prolonged periods like this where we aren't "close", we can't really cuddle up on the couch or in bed (I can't find a way to lie comfortably up close or against him) or hug properly. He's afraid of hurting me. So I am feeling disconnected and taking all the little things way too personally. Even knowing that, I can't help myself from feeling that way :( So yeah, I can't wait for things to be back to normal already!

We also found out that his friend in Bermuda can't organise our NY accommodation in one of the sister hotels of the one he works for. This is a huge bummer as NY obviously has fairly expensive accommodation and we are there for 5 nights in total. We decided to go the AirBnb route again and have thankfully found what we needed quite easily :) Shew. Still this is getting rather expensive. Too late to turn back now tho.

I guess I'm just feeling particularly sensitive to the expense because I just saw how much of the surgeon's fees (that I had to pay at last Saturday's appointment) my medical aid, Discovery, is covering. A whopping 36%. Yes, that is with the authorisation and all. Medical Aid rates. Pfft. So that's great. I'm now a little terrified of how much this is really gonna end up costing me ... the hospital & anaesthetist and who knows what else apparently make their claim directly to Discovery, which doesn't seem to have happened yet. And the part I had to cover doesn't seem to be closing my Self-Payment Gap either (unless that just hasn't reflected on their system yet ... but I suspect the self-payment gap only works on Medical Aid rates too :/ ). Not the ideal way to start your Friday.

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