Monday, July 08, 2013


Shew. Friday seems absolute ages ago. Although the weekend itself felt like it flew and I didn't really get up to all that much.

Stayed for an after-work drink then headed home on Friday afternoon. It was icy cold so The Trucker & I hunkered down on the couch with a take-out pizza and some soup to share for dinner. I fell asleep watching tv before 7:30! Paha. Okay so he did wake me again and I managed to stay awake a little later than that in the end.

Saturday morning was fairly relaxed. Right up until I got a message from The Trucker's sister telling me a pipe had burst in the wall at my old place. #sigh ... sadly this has yet to be resolved because I've handed over to the Body Corporate (if it's a cold water pipe they cover it) to get the plumber out to do the inspection, because finger's crossed it is their problem ... But still, so not the way to start a Saturday morning.

The Trucker & I headed to Clearwater for a disappointing Mugg&Bean breakfast, you know I actually don't really like that place for breakfast. It's a very boring menu. And some unsuccessful shopping. I was exhausted and so over it by the time I got home that I had a nap.

I actually started to get a little worried about all this sleepiness. Hopefully it's just winter hibernation.

What did we do for the rest of Saturday ... oh yes, DJMike and his wife came over for dinner. Actually we realised this is the first dinner we've had at our new house :) (we realised because we finally had to clear the clutter off the dining room table - haha). It went well, The Trucker whipped up so Bacon Cabonara which was much lighter than the one before and so delish. We drank gluhwein and caught up, it was good :)

On Sunday I had a nice lazy morning with Gypsy while The Trucker headed off to play an early cricket match. Then I headed off to check out the Collective for breakfast. It's only on monthly and I missed the last one, so I was determined to check it out this time. It's quite small, and I guess the best way to describe it is like the upstairs at Neighbourgoods. There were only 2 stalls offering food and another 2 offering drinks. Still yummy. And the views across Sandton were gorgeous on such a beautiful Winter morning.

I did end up buying some cute little earrings from Millk, and I liked a lot of the jewelery I saw at other stalls, but the clothing really is not my thing. I'll probably take The Trucker back one month tho, just because there are some great furniture spots in the centre as well :) I liked it. I wasn't there long, but that's probably because I was there on my own.

Then The Trucker got home and we headed off to Lanseria to collect Mom :) She'll be staying with us this week while I'm off work recovering from tomorrow's operation. Yay. So nice for her to meet GypsyCat and see the new house :) We spent the afternoon catching up and then had Peanut Butter Ostrich Burgers for dinner. Yum. And Mom brought "The Only Red Wine She Can Drink", The Foundation Stone by Rickety Bridge ... which was delish. Will def try to buy some more of it!

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