Friday, August 16, 2013

Again *eye roll*

Urgh. I appear to be sick again. This has not been my winter. At all. I was lamenting to The Trucker how I must be getting old ... I never ever remember getting sick as often as this winter. And it hasn't even been an especially cold winter !! Clearly my immune system is not what it was ... hence the getting old :/

So I write this from my bed ... at least now I can work from home (we have ADSL now!). This week is probably a combination of Oppi on the weekend and starting up at Boot Camp this week. Managed to go twice, but last night I was just feeling too blocked up and sinusey to try. Sheesh but I suffered with the welcome back to exercise routine this week. Haven't been since April and it shows. Ah well, I'll get back into it.

Other than that this week has been fairly uneventful. Have been feeling rather anti-social this week. But I did drag myself to SCM, which was delish. Other than that I haven't done much at all this week.

Oh, I did manage to get my hands on the new Shortstraw album, Good Morning, Sunshine. Some kind soul (@jaxonrice) used some vouchers he had to buy the album for me, because I don't have an itunes account (and I don't really want one). I am loving this album ... even tho it isn't the one with Keanu Reeves :(

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