Monday, August 05, 2013

More Awesome

Well we had a fantastic weekend! Friday I stayed for after work drinks to catch up with @bronwyngale and then headed home where The Trucker was already lazing on the couch. Neither of us could decide on dinner so we got Steers. I've been wanting to try out their Rib burger (usually I have a Prince) ... I wasn't very impressed :( We stayed in and watched I Give It a Year.

Meh, it was terribly predictable and a horrible representation of marriage :/ But I did enjoy seeing Patrick Jane and Ellen from Damages.

This continues our losing streak of movie-watching ... we'd watched Identity Thief on  Thursday evening. I keep trying to explain to The Trucker that there is a reason that these are the ones we end up watching at home on TV and not in the cinema, cause they're probably not very good, but you're kinda still curious to see them anyway. But it does rather leave you feeling like that was 2hrs you'll never get back - haha.

On Saturday morning we headed off to do a few errands and somehow had the most wonderful all-over morning. We started with a visit to Lifestyle, where we breakfasted at Primi (not especially impressive as far as breakfasts go), and then went to Westpak so The Trucker could buy some gear to start his new Home Brewing hobby. Then we tried Northgate for a phone cover for me. Yay, found one I absolutely love! It's a Capdase soft jacket in primary red.

Then off to Builders to get some plumbing stuff so The Trucker could fix our leaking hot water tap in the bathroom sink. And then since it was still pretty early and we didn't have to be anywhere till 3pm, we headed to The Home Brew Shop so he could actually buy the rest of his brewing equipment. And then we popped past Filo for some frozen yoghurt on the way home. I tried a mix of their pistachio and caramel and it was *amazing* :D

Then when we got home we decided to set up our Oppi camp, just to try everything out ... we hadn't even opened the mattress yet! I was kinda intending to sleep outside in the tent on Saturday night just so we could gauge how cold it really might be (while we were still within reach of more blankets). But it turned out our Air Pump for the old mattress seems to have died as well. Just as well we found that out now and not next weekend! Haha.

Then The Trucker had to head off to do some work admin and when he got home, we headed off a little early to Rosebank. We had an amazing early dinner / late lunch at Tasha's, which although I won't go to for breakfast, I am a huge fan of the rest of their meals. We were also extra specially spoilt by @nadia_ass's hubby who manages the place. I had their Spaniard Quesidilla and The Trucker had their Chicken Prego Tramezini. Both were superb, but I think I totally won!

After that we headed to the Gautrain Station for the Bloody Book Week Murder on the Gautrain event. So it didn't turn out to be quite what we expected, we thought it'd be more of a whodunnit sort of murder mystery dinner type thing. But it wasn't, it was more a write your own adventure type thing. Still great fun.

We pulled authors names out of a bag and I was in Amanda Coetzee's group while The Trucker was with Michele Rowe. We rode the train to Hatfield station in our groups, all the while deciding the plot of our story, to be written around the one page scene we were all given as a kick-off point. The story couldn't be more than 500 words. And when we arrived on the other side, we were given wine and canapes while each author typed up the story.

It was great fun listening to all the stories in the end. The Trucker's group won, typical - haha. And I bought 2 more books and got them signed. Who can resist a signed book by a South African author?

On Sunday morning we thought we'd get a late sleep but instead we decided to get the grocery shopping out of the way first and then headed back home for breakfast. The way the Pick n Pay queues have been lately later in the day, we've been skipping any shopping there anyway. But at 9am it was much better ... aside from the stock not yet on the shelves.

The Trucker made us amazing home-baked croissants with scrambled egg and bacon for breakfast. And then we took down our tent and The Trucker actually made his 2 batches of beer. I chatted on the phone to Dad hearing about my grandfather and his Home Brew, which when I was little I didn't think was such an interesting thing, damn I wish I'd paid more attention then! We bought a new air pump before heading to @clairam's for the 14th Annual Hot Dog Party where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

Another lovely weekend :)


arianna said...

Wow how many things you are able to do in a short time! You are very dynamic and funny :) will be a pleasure to continue to read!

I write from Italy, Tuscany, I'm using the translator because I do not know English well. A warm greeting, hello!

phillygirl said...

Hello arianna and enjoy the blog :)

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