Monday, September 02, 2013

A Quiet One

Shew. I really should feel better rested after a weekend of doing so little. But I don't. In fact this morning I very almost rolled right over and went back to sleep after switching off my alarm. Almost. No one needs that kind of panic on a Monday morning.

Friday was a dress-up for work day. I was a little disappointed that the entire office didn't spend the whole day dressed-up, but a few of us did. We were having a party after work and it was pretty awesome. I didn't stay too late, got home at about 20h30 (I just found out some people got home at 4am! But they went out after too).

The Trucker got take out pizza and cuddled on the couch with Gypsy till I got home. Then we watched Now You See Me. Well, I missed the last half hour because I fell asleep. But I finished it on Saturday morning. It was okay, I kinda liked it, but the ending did fall a little flat for me. Aside from the fact that I despise magic and magicians. I find it just far too annoying, the tricks. I do enjoy it when they show you how something was done tho.

On Saturday we had a bit of a lazy morning and then headed out to do a bunch of admin. Then when we go home we both settled in with our computers ... he had his new one to finish setting up and I moved my stuff onto his old one (my new one) so we could sell my old one. We have a ton of stuff on Gumtree again. We are hoping to get the new mattress before we go to America. And we want to sell the 3 couches and get a new one too.

I tried to play a little Star Craft ... cause it is his favourite game, but it is not for me. I like the building part of it, but not the attacking part. And you need to know too many keyboard shortcuts ...

We settled in for the evening to watch Star Trek Into Darkness. It wasn't as good as the first.

On Sunday we headed to Peach Cafe for breakfast (I've only ever had lunch there and have been meaning to take The Trucker). It was very yummy and nice to sit in a sunbeam :) I think we'll try their Peach picking in October next.

Then it was grocery shopping. Good to get it out of the way nice and early.

In the afternoon I had booked myself a Mani & Pedi at Lanna Day Spa. @samanthaperry had her nails done there with the gel polish and they looked fab. And I never normally do that sort of thing, I really should tho because I can not look after my own nails very well since I can't go near an emery board. Those things freak me out. Just thinking about it gives me shivers, let alone touching one or scraping it against my nails. Eep. See, shivers just typing it.

But, as usually, real life gets in the way and I struggle to justify spending so much on something so intangible. But I figured I wanted to try it before we went away (although the gel polish will probably need to be soaked off before then anyway :( ) I loved it. I had the mini mani with gel polish (R320) and a full pedi (R250). I am especially loving having painted toe nails, which I don't think I've ever done before ... usually I am not trying to draw attention to my toes as I get very self-conscious about them. But maybe this is the trick. I hope I do this more often. I think it is giving me that warm all-over feeling some people say they get when they know they're wearing sexy lingerie (I don't really get it from that).

Unfortunately it is still going to be an expensive few weeks before we go (Eep, it is September already!) cause I need a hair cut too.

In the evening The Trucker made us some yummy pasta and we watched Revolver. Well, I fell asleep again, this time before 9pm when I woke up and put myself to bed for real ... I actually don't even think he finished watching it either.

Ooh, and other exciting weekend happenings: I managed to get my hands on the new Savanna Dark for us to try (yay for the local Liquor City). We both quite liked it, since we generally drink Savanna Light anyway. I think what we need to do this weekend is buy a single bottle of all 3 (Dry, Light & Dark) and do a tasting at home :)

And I found the limited edition Appletiser Pomegranate. I don't like Appletiser generally (I don't like apple or grape juice ... or pear juice). But I thought this would be worth trying. I dunno, it still tastes like grapetiser to me, but The Trucker said he could taste the difference and it was much sweeter. I am unlikely to be buying more of it.

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