Thursday, October 24, 2013

26 September: San Francisco to Bermuda

We had a slow morning with nothing specific planned for our day.

Although it didn't start well at all. I have some weird red rash on my left calf. It's not itchy or anything, although it does feel warm.

No idea what caused it, I was wearing my jeans all day yesterday so who knows when it started. We debated going to a travel-clinic, but I figured since it was our last day here and it wasn't bothering me, I'd leave it and see if it went away on it's own.

It didn't change much over the course of the day. I'm still barely aware of it ... well, if I didn't know it was there. You know how you become hyper sensitive once you are aware of it? Yeah, that. Suddenly I'm itchy all over! But no other rashes. If I didn't know better (jeans all day yesterday and sitting in a car the day before) and it wasn't such a bizarre shape, I would think it was sunburn, plain and simple.

We walked the downhill to the Fisherman's Wharf. The Trucker wanted a real breakfast and we ended up at another Boudin's.

They do a very yummy bacon and pepper scrambled egg, also in a sour dough bowl (this time toasted). While we ate, we discussed what to do on our last day in San Fran. We considered going to the Academy of Sciences, which The Trucker had been to on a previous trip.

I didn't want to be in a mad touristy rush (wait, what?) and entry is expensive here and public transport is tedious. So we decided to rather spend our money on a 24hr pass for the hop-on-hop-off bus.

We just sat on it for the whole tour from the first stop to the last. We enjoyed the view and the story. It was a great and relaxing way to spend our day. Who knew there were a bunch of old ships buried under San Francisco's financial district? And they don't go past the Painted Ladies anymore ...

When we got off the bus, we wandered Pier 39 again. I got a shrimp roll for lunch (they were everywhere) and The Trucker had, you guessed it, an In n Out Burger. It'll be his last for a while ;) I just ended up eating the filling out of my roll ... haha.

We stopped at Ben & Jerry's again to try another 2 flavours. And then we intended to catch the cable-car back to the apartment. Har har. The queues at both the nearby turn-arounds were insane!! There were like 5 sitting empty, waiting. And super long queues. Being "public transport", the cable-cars only leave at designated times. Regardless of how many cars are ready and waiting to go or how many people are waiting either ... Exasperating.

And that folks, was San Francisco. We collected our bags and caught a cab to the BART station. We caught the BART to SFO to catch our flight to Bermuda :)

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