Monday, October 21, 2013

Spur of the Moment

Morning folks. Wet and soggy here in Jozi summer. Seriously tho, it has barely stopped raining for 2 minutes in the last 24hours. And although I absolutely pretty much adore it, most especially when I can spend it in bed reading and watching / listening to the rain, less so on those days when you have to still wake up early and go to work! And the poor animals don't get to go outside for any run-around time. Grumpy Lil :)

But the weekend was pretty good ... okay so it didn't start out that spectacularly. Well, it did but then it crashed. But it totally recovered :)

So on Friday afternoon, still in the office, we watched the car-crash of the Woolworths Hummingbird Debacle. I find it scary to watch. All of us who blog are prone to rant at some point. And I'm sure when she wrote all of that in her head she was very indignant and feeling quite in the right about things. But it is incredible how that little snowball got bigger and bigger and spread, quite literally, like wild-fire within, I'd say, half an hour to and hour at absolute most, right across everyone's Facebook and Twitter timelines (or White Twitter, as a girl in my office referred to it as, since she hadn't see a word in her timeline - haha).

And that, my friends, is how things go viral. There is very little planning or intention or control. It just happens, and you can't take it back. Woolworths seems to have a very savvy social media team and they were on it almost immediately. And this is what we were watching. The public frenzy and the way it was being handled. Not too long after, Woolworths had come back with the "facts" (I say that because I believe there are probably elements of truth on both sides of this story).

I did chuckle when, while at the check-out counter of our own nearby Woolies on Sunday morning, I spotted the cushion (or a similar one since it was longer and had 2 hummingbirds) and commented on that being The Cushion to The Trucker. The cashier asked me if I was also going to boycott Woolies now? Haha. Thumbs up to her. I think it's good to have your people on the ground able to talk to these things. Nope, obviously we're not boycotting Woolworths, since there we were, shopping.

Then I stayed at work for a very interesting presentation and a drink. And then headed home.

The Trucker had been out for a drink with a friend and then changed the plan into dinner ... which I only found out after I was home. So I did go and join them for some sushi, but it ended up being a bit of a fight between us.

But by Saturday morning things were back to normal and we had a whole weekend ahead of us with no plans ... we had a very lazy morning, he slept late and then made us some scrambled egg for breakfast.

And then we headed out. In a surprise move, we decided to go test drive some cars. We've been discussing the likelyhood that I'll need a new car at some point. I don't really drive a kiddie-friendly car at the moment ... and my car is getting old. I kinda figured we'd look sometime closer to actually needing a new one. It's been a bit of debate tho, do we get the future "family" car now or do we get an interim car till we actually are closer to the "family" bit?

The problem is, I kinda have my eye on the Hyundai ix35, but it is far out of my price range (even 2nd hand, which we are looking at ... I can't justify spending very much each month on a car). But somehow The Trucker convinced me we should go test drive one ... and I agreed, because, you know, it might rule it out as an option for me completely. That's what happened when I bought a car last time. I thought for sure I'd end up with a little Clio. Until I test drove one.

So we tried a Hyundai ix35. He has said it's gotta be a diesel. And so we ended up in probably the most highly specced car ... double sun roof, automatic (yay!) and 4x4. And it was such a pleasure. OMG. It did nothing to unconvince me. What it did was start discussions on how we can possibly do this ...

We also tried a Honda CR-V. It was also a very easy-to-drive car, but it found the gear lever placement odd and the hand-brake even stranger. It'd definitely take some getting used to!

There are a few others on our list, but seriously ... Dear Hyundai. If you are looking for someone to donate an ix35 to, please put me on top of that list. #wishfulthinking

After that, we tried to pop past the Beer Shop, The Trucker needs more bottles before he can bottle the next batch. But it was closed, so we headed to the Foundry for some lunch.

OMG. I can NOT get enough of their Pumpkin Fritters. The are amaze-balls. Yumyum. We drank some beer (Pumpkin Ale for me!) and ordered a chorizo pizza to share. It was a very good lunch :)

I ordered some take-away fritters as well. This I wouldn't recommend. While I adore these things, they are not nearly as good a few hours later after they've cooled. So order and eat as many as you can while you're still there :) Haha.

After that, we stopped at Filo for some of their delish Frozen Yogurt. Still upset I missed the Watermelon flavour they apparently had a while back ... they are too far away and not en route anywhere for us to have them too often. But we got a yummy mix of caramel and chocolate hazelnut this time and it was eaten all up pretty much by the time we were sitting back in the car!

The rest of our afternoon and evening was spent quietly at home. We watched Love and Other Drugs. The Trucker had already seen it, but I hadn't. And I really liked it. Aah, Jake Gyllenhaal :) Also, very entertaining to see a way less cool Harvey Specter! Hahaha.

On Sunday we woke up to the beautiful rain (which is pelting down on our roof as I type) ... and had a very lazy morning, reading in bed, watching the rain. Expecting (correctly) that The Trucker's 1:30pm game of cricket would be cancelled.

We headed out to do our grocery shopping. And then did another very sort-of spur of the moment thing and went to look at a few show houses.

I know, right? The Trucker still isn't happy with where we are living at the moment. The intention is to possibly buy somewhere together. Although what the bank will let us buy (on top of my 2 rental properties and his piece of land waiting to be built on) is another story!

We did see one place that I really quite liked ... but, for now, that is as close as it gets. Shew. One step at a time people ;) (And no ma, I have no idea what buying in Joburg does for our future potential move to Cape Town ;) )

And that was our weekend ... I didn't write or work on a single Holiday Blog Post. I am supposed to be starting Boot Camp again today. But looking at this weather, I think that's unlikely ;) I have more to say, but this is already pretty long ... so I'll save it for another post.


Louisa said...

The Woolies hummingbird thing really has blown up spectacularly hey? I don't really shop there anyway, so i doubt if they would miss me (this is more about the two solid isles of sweets I have to face with Nicola in order to get to a till than anything else).

To be honest I am not actually sure why anyone would want a hummingbird on a pillow anyway?

Loving the rain, not loving the traffic - but you can't have everything hey?

Ps! Those pumpkin fritters look exactly like the ones my mom make. Is it cinnamon sugar over it?

phillygirl said...

I know, I think the finer details are for Woolies & the designer to work out ... but I think it's a lesson in caution for bloggers all around. That for me is the scary part.

And yip, I think it is cinnamon sugar on the outside. It's very definitely sugar of some sort anyway :) You will have to bring me some of your mom's fritters so I can confirm! Haha. Please ...

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