Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Long Weekend of Bliss

Ah, there is nothing quite like the morning after a long weekend. If you ask me, every Monday should be a public holiday! Haha.

But this one definitely didn't turn out how I was expecting! After working 3 *three* hours of overtime on Thursday afternoon/evening (2 of them from the comfort of my own home while trying to wolf down dinner), I was in dire need of a restful and relaxing long weekend.

I got home pretty much at regular time and relaxed for a few hours, before The Trucker arrived in a less than stellar mood (and he'd had a pretty similar week to me too). Turns out he'd spent the last 2 hours looking for a truck part and would be spending the better part of the long weekend heading 900km into Botswana to rescue one of his trucks that had broken down.

Because of a few issues, like we don't yet have the papers for our cars yet so he had to borrow one and get the papers, he was only ready to leave by 8pm on Friday night and made the decision to rather leave on Saturday morning.

So we joined some friends of his for dinner at Col'Cacchio. That was fun :)

It may sound like an awesome opportunity, long weekend in Botswana on the spur of the moment. I mean, it's not like we actually had any plans for the weekend yet anyway (shock, horror). And we did weigh up the idea of me tagging along. But the truth is, it was a very long drive and all he'd be doing was driving there, fixing the truck and driving back. And we're off to Cape Town for 2 weeks this weekend ... and Gypsy wasn't exactly thrilled with us when we got back from USA, so I wasn't so sure about leaving her for the long weekend before going away again. And honestly I needed lazy mornings in bed and time to read my book and recharge. None of which were likely on his mission.

In the mad scramble while he was getting hold of a car on Friday evening, I made some calls ... trying to make some plans for my empty, looming long weekend.

Turns out I had an amazing long weekend after all :) Definitely missed the boy, but it was a great opportunity to catch up with some people I haven't seen in a while.

After a very lazy morning at home on Saturday, after he left, eating left over pizza and finishing my book in the morning sunshine (jees, was the weather not spectacular this whole weekend?!), I headed to the shops.

Got some supplies for dinner and some wrapping paper and one of the last gifts I needed (The Trucker's niece). And then I headed to the Foundry Cafe for lunch with @Sascha_with_a_C. Loooong overdue. We drank craft beer and ate pumpkin fritters (which were NOT up to their usual superb standard, I was disappointed after raving about them to her!) and shared a platter of meats and cheeses. Perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, without question!

I had a lazy afternoon and painted my nails. This was a terrible idea. The left hand (since I am right handed) came out okay, but I had to re-do the right hand 3 *three* times! Not only that, 2.5 of them have already peeled off. My painted nails don't even have a survival rate of 48hrs o_0 Note to future self: Waste. Of. Time.

Later @jarredcinman came over for Vegan Veggie Burgers and wine for dinner. Shew, but what a storm arrived along with him. We had a wonderful evening chatting and catching up.

I got word that The Trucker had arrived at his destination, finally, at 9:30pm that evening. Thank goodness he got himself a Bots sim card as he has no roaming on his phone. Poor boy apparently spent 4hrs at the border o_0 It was too late to find somewhere in Nata to spend the night, by my internet search there are only 4 options and all are fairly expensive lodge type places. So he ended up sleeping in the bakkie on the side of the road next to the truck. Now really glad I didn't tag along. Poor boy!

On Sunday I had another lazy morning at home, although no sleeping late (woke at 7am) and then headed thru to @louisabouwer's folks place for a visit with her and Nicola and a swim! Nicola had had her 4th birthday party on the Saturday so the place was strewn with her loot. We had a blast. We got to colour in and I got to (briefly) hold Princess Aurora. We swam and played with her new water gun and ate all sorts of left over party goodies. We blew bubbles and watched her bounce on her trampoline. It was an awesome way to spend a Sunday, feeling a little like part of the family on a regular lazy Sunday afternoon, not something I get too often up here in Joburg.

I did hear a little of the funeral on the radio on my way there. And I was wondering, does anyone know when else in history you could switch between all the stations and just continue hearing the same thing where you left off? It must be some kind of record?

And then home again for a very lazy Sunday afternoon. But, I did get all my xmas wrapping done :) The Trucker made good time, after finishing the repairs at 10am just outside Nata, he was back home in Joburg by 10pm. I was thrilled. It was very weird, I think Saturday was the first night we haven't slept in the same house since we moved in together in May!

I watched Beasts of the Southern Wild on Saturday night. Meh, I wasn't overly impressed with it, although the young actress was pretty damn impressive!

So on Monday, we did sleep late (he is very good at that!), woke up at 9am! And we grabbed some breakfast at Doppio and then did a little grocery shopping and then headed home for an afternoon nap (him, not me, I just finished my next book! Haha).

And then in the evening, his sister came over for dinner. He made us delish Prego steak rolls and we drank home made beer and champagne. We ended the evening watching Moonrise Kingdom and eating chocolate mousse. A perfect evening.

Can you believe neither of them had seen any of Wes Anderson's movies? But I don't think they were too impressed. Me, I quite like their offbeat nature and this was really no different :)

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Louisa said...

I'm glad we got to see you, and you colour in very nicely. ;-)

I think the last time all radio stations were doing the same thing might have been with that big referendum somewhere in the 90's?

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