Friday, February 21, 2014

A Blur of Building

Shew, this week has flown by in a flurry. Monday was, by all accounts, pretty awful. A project I was working on had a Go Live in the evening. It started at 6pm. I didn't have much to do so was logged in from home, from 6, periodically checking on the progress until I could do my 10mins.

But we ran into some technical issues, although my part went smoothly. Once the rest got things up and running, the real issues arrived. At 10pm, just after I'd thought it was safe and was lying in bed and had barely switched my light off. I was up, working at my laptop till 2:30am.

And then up again, immediately back on the job, from 7:30 - 10am on Tuesday morning finishing fixing a bunch of stuff that we realised had never been properly tested. Awesome.

Needless to say I lay on the couch like a zombie the whole of Tuesday. I was desperate to sleep, but was clearly so over tired that I couldn't ... and, you know, daylight. So instead I read my book with droopy eyes and watched a couple of series with only one eye open.

Things in The House were not looking good. The Tiler was supposed to start on Tuesday, but his other job was running over and now he can only come tomorrow. The Bedroom Cupboards arrived, but they weren't quite what The Trucker had been expecting ... I presume a sort of flat-pack, pre-drilled, ready to assemble scenario. Instead we got a bunch of cut board (who can tell which piece goes where?) and some hinges. So we started the quest for a carpenter.

Luckily we found 2, since they could also only start this weekend. So one is installing the kitchen (starting today) and the other is installing the bedroom cupboards (starting tomorrow). So, in theory that should all be done by the end of the weekend. Which means we can have our bedroom carpets installed early next week (was sorta hoping that'd be done before the end of this week ... but whatevs).

The new kitchen & shower walls got built on Monday, but then the plasterers just didn't arrived one of the days this week. Luckily they did come back and now everything has been rhinolited and skreeded.

On Wednesday afternoon, The Trucker and I painted the 3 bedrooms. Ah, nothing quite like the realisation that the colour you picked from that teeny tiny square in the shop (Winter Savanna, if anyone is interested, I forget the brand) looks freaking amazing en masse in a room :)

Oh, and I sent the granite measurements to Granite Objects and we got the quote. If we pay the deposit now, once the kitchen is in, they'll come do final measurements (on Monday, fingers crossed) and that should be installed 2 days later.

Yeah, so, I think we'll be okay. I think this weekend will really be telling tho. I am very unhappy about the potential prospect of moving into a building site o_0

This weekend we have to buy the stove and lights and new wall switches. I want to get new taps, but it is 4k for all the taps in the house! And a new basin in the main bath. And we need some little cupboards in there. And a mirror. And ... and ... and ... And, quite clearly, think things are already doing that sneaky adding up thing o_0

Other than that, I went and had a quick drink with @clairam at Blandford Manor yesterday evening for her birthday (today). And that was my whole entire week. On top of feeling slightly snotty!

Ps. No news on my grandfather. Seems things continue much the same :( No doubt next week will be all sorts of crazy (it is ALSO The Trucker's birthday next Wednesday!)

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