Monday, March 03, 2014

And We're In!

Shew! What a freaking weekend. Well, there was no relaxing over here. After moving 1 load on Thursday evening, I called in an Emergency day of leave for Friday! And thank goodness I did! Yoh.

On Thursday evening they were still finishing up stuff in the kitchen and on Friday the tiler was coming back to finish the skirtings on the wooden flooring.

But, the carpets were in the bedrooms, so I managed to get some "after" photos of the 2 spare rooms ...

Before we filled them up with stuff ... They are still packed to the brim with bits and pieces that have been moved and have yet to find their own place in the house. We aren't even close to unpacked.

Anyhoo. So my Friday morning started with a quick spot of work till 07:30am. Then we loaded the first 3 loads (2 bakkies & my Jazz) and headed to the new house. The tiler was waiting for us so I took him along on my first (of 5) trip to Builder's Warehouse this weekend.

We bought what he needed and headed back (with breakfast! So over take-out after this weekend!). Unfortunately we'd gotten the wrong glue (although he'd picked it out himself). So I left him to get started on cutting the skirting and headed back to exchange it (trip 2).

And then I stuck around at the house, keeping an eye on the progress and cleaning the kitchen cupboard doors with thinners. Cough.

Friday was a loooong day. But around 4pm I moved the bunnies & Gypsy across. Gypsy had a rough day, she obviously knew something was up and was locked in the house all day (so she didn't run away) and locked in one of the rooms whenever people were there loading up the bakkies. And it didn't get any better when we moved to the new house for her. Poor girly.

The bunnies were barely aware. We've barricaded off the large part of the garden for them in the mean time. We have to build a wall between the "garage" (really just a paved area with a roof right now) & the garden before they will be allowed to run around the whole area.

Haha, and the bunny barricade came in super useful so we could get some air into the house but Gypsy couldn't get out the sliding door either (see pic of chaotic lounge below)!

The rubble guys came and collected a load. Much better. Shew renovating racks up a lot of rubbish!!

At around 6pm we did the last load (clothes) and then set about re-assembling the 4-poster bed so we'd, at least, have somewhere to sleep in the chaos (the guest bed is still leaning up against the wall in our room cause there is no space elsewhere for it yet!). I am not kidding, the place looked crazy. We have a LOT more to still get rid of!

Around 9pm we popped back to the empty rental to take a shower (our shower door wasn't in yet) and then ate Woolies sandwiches from the Engen garage on the (carpeted!) floor of our bedroom for dinner before collapsing into bed. Glamorous, much?

On Saturday Gypsy woke us at 5am going mental in our bedroom. Very unsettled girly. But with some love and attention she let us sleep till 7:30 again. I got up to let the bunnies out for a bit ... they seem happy, at least :)

Saturday was another looong day. Just The Trucker & I in our new home. There was a lot of work to be done. But first, another trip to Builders (3)! We got out toilet roll holders, hand towel holders, bath towel rails and a bunch of other stuff.

He fixed up the Guest toilet (it was leaking) and drilled in the paraphernalia. And when he moved onto the main bathroom, I got stuck into cleaning this one. Shew, lookit the difference <3 All that's missing now in the mirror (and we put up a holder for the soap and loo spray on Sunday, since the below pic).

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am with how our tiles look?? Loving it. In the Main Bathroom, the shower door went in and the new basin and everything got reconnected. Dammit, but they cracked our bath, which we can't replace because it has been "tiled in" o_0 So Sunday we used some porcelain cement to fix that too. It's only little, but contractors, yoh. (Did I mention there is already a cracked tile in the kitchen where someone dropped the door?!)

On Saturday evening, The Trucker fixed up the plumbing under the kitchen sink and connected our washing machine and dishwasher. The sweet sound of them both doing their first (empty) load in the new house. Ahhhh.

We put our feet up briefly to watch an episode of CSI while we ate on Saturday evening. We'd accomplished so much!

And then, the most perfect moment of the day ... we had our first shower. The side glass panel still needs to be cut and installed but it's not a problem for showering currently. OMG it's amazing. Our shower is massive. I love it.

And Sunday was no different!! Gypsy was awake at 5am again o_0 This time I think she had cabin fever or something, racing up and down on the carpet under the bed! But again, she calmed down and slept again till around 7:30. Shew. Another morning run around for the bunnies and a little more supervised outside time for Gyps.

And then, we discovered the water was off. Apparently a burst pipe somewhere o_0 There went my plans of being able to wash my hair (I can't at night cause it'll never dry before bedtime ... and no, I don't own a hari-dryer). And of being able to do laundry and get some dishes clean (there was a plastic bag of stuff still waiting to be cleaned from before the move! Who had the time?)

So anyway, we grabbed a quick breakfast and had another visit to Builders (4). We had a list of the last stuff we thought we'd need ... plugs and porcelain cement, white silicone, that sort of thing. I went in hunt for a Guest Loo mirror but they have very standard sizes (pretty much everything is a 300 wide?). And then The Trucker's cricket game got cancelled (another rainy day!).

So we went to buy our new Main Bathroom mirror. I am in love. It's 1.5m and is the entire wall above the basin and bath. I made my last (5) trip of the weekend to Builders to buy replacement hanging screws because the ones it came with were not great. But it is up and hung and now all the paraphernalia is up in the main bathroom too ... well, except the towel rails and the shower wall. But so close. Our bathroom is gorgeous!

We got some groceries and I made us lunch. Nothing quite like a home made sarmie when it's the first home made food in days!! And we carried on working ... I did laundry and dishes. And we sorted thru some of the kitchen bags, and put aside a ton of stuff "to go".

Th Trucker's sister & niece popped in for some coffee to see the progress. I think they last saw it last week, I can't remember how much it must've changed since then. It's changed so much daily just over this weekend!

In the evening, we did the final painting in the kitchen & under the granite (we'd put on the primer in the morning). Looking freaking awesome now :) We got to use our oven for the first time (I admit we got a Woolies meal for dinner) and The Trucker put the new plug points in after dinner.

#exhausted but so so happy. Even in the chaos, I love our new home. I am quite amazed at how it *feels* like home even tho it is still in a state of crazy. Best Decision Ever. ps. Don't ever renovate again (or at least not for the next 5 years! Haha)

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