Thursday, March 06, 2014

Weekly Stuffs

So, today is my Friday. The week has felt long enough already. Tomorrow I'm flying to Cape Town for my grandfather's memorial this weekend. It's going to be an emotional weekend. And The Trucker unfortunately won't be coming with me :( Turns out it's Argus weekend in Cape Town and the flights, even at random times during the day are completely exorbitant!! Even with my 35% Discovery discount o_0

Plus, it's only our second weekend in the new house, so I'm not so thrilled about leaving Gypsy all on her own (with someone just popping in to feed her) just yet. Although she seems to be finally settling in, yesterday morning she sat on the half-wall while I showered and this morning she ventured in briefly afterwards (she used to go and sit in the shower every morning after I got out). How cute is that #ThrowbackThursday picture of her <3 Taken on the day we met her in Sodwana (about 10 days short of a year ago! yoh). I can't believe she was so tiny!

In other pet news, I finally took Smudge to the vet yesterday. He's supposed to be 3 months in March, so I wasn't too worried, but I suspected he was ready for the snip. And he definitely is a boy and ready so they kept him overnight and will do it today. Here's hoping there are no surprise baby bunnies in our house o_0 Lily hasn't stopped digging holes since a few days before we moved ... But, she hasn't actually started on any "nesting" yet, so hopefully we're safe.

Things around the house are calming down. The Trucker and I are doing better than after the last move, although we have *very* different styles of moving. He wants everything cleared away. That apparently does not mean either a) sorted thru or b) in the right place, it just means hidden from offending his vision. So the chaos of the spare rooms has been shuffled, the furniture moved to the lounge area and the rest (where possible) packed into the spare room cupboards. I can ignore the chaos in the spare rooms for longer, it seems, because I like to put things into their "right" place when I unpack them. So if they can't go there, then I can't seem to do anything.

We seem to be getting by tho. And, again, getting rid of quite a lot of stuff. But believe it or not, he is more of a hoarder than me! (I couldn't believe it either) That pic is of the computer stuff we ARE NOT keeping!

We finally managed to move the Spare Bed into the Guest Bedroom so our bedroom is now complete :) And last night The Trucker constructed our shower half-wall panels so hopefully he'll take them to get the glass cut today. Then he can silicon it all and our shower will be complete! Although I do kinda love it now with the open half-wall ... it doesn't keep the heat in very well :P Haha.

Other than that it has been a pretty quiet week. @clairam popped in to visit to see the house since I missed SCM on Tuesday. Has been hectic with all the rain. Yesterday was the worst, I think! Today was the first morning since Saturday I woke up and it wasn't raining! Although it's still completely overcast. Is making it hard with Gypsy and the bunnies! And getting laundry dry!

Oh, and last night I spotted this teeny tiny cute little *green* snail. I have never seen one like it! I had to find a 10c to show some perspective. Gonna have to Google and see if I can figure out what sort it is.

Oh, and I heard about this kinda cool concept called #bookly. It's a writing / reading platform for phones (since South Africa has a huge mobile market and a very high illiteracy rate!). Anyone can submit a story and anyone can read them. Now, I'm not much of a writer (aside from this blog), but I think it is a pretty cool idea and could be a great platform for people who do like writing but maybe aren't likely to get published. Especially since the stories aren't supposed to be that long (I think only 1000 words?)

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