Thursday, July 24, 2014

30 April: Cape Agulhas to Bot River

Awe, we had to say Goodbye to Cape Agulhas today. Was very upset, would have loved another night! But we still had two more nights of our fantastic roadtrip before we started the journey home. But I will be back someday!

Before we packed up the car, we had one last walk along the beach (the last we'd see of it this trip). This time we strolled along the pebble beach in front of the chalets. And we timed it just right because as we were leaving, it started to drizzle.

We didn't have far to go today so we had a very busy drive with many stops. First on the list was The Shipwreck Museum in Bredasdorp. It was quite interesting and there were a lot more wrecks there than I imagined! Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area ...

After that we got on the road and did some wine tasting! Our first stop was Raka. It felt a bit random after we went to a few more spots. But we did buy a Spliced and a Malbec (which we've drunk and replaced already!) from them. After there we drove past The Birkenhead Brewery so decided to pop in there since they offered Craft Beer for The Trucker as well (although after this trip and our purchases he has been drinking more red wine than usual, it's not a preference for him).

This was a fabulous stop. A gorgeous table outdoors with a lovely view and a Beer Taster tray for him and a Wine taster plate for me. I found a white wine I actually like!! (I NEVER drink white). So we bought another 2 bottles, a Cab-Sav and a Sauvignon Blanc. Seriously, a pretty perfect little stop, this one.

After that, we needed some lunch so headed into Hermanus and stopped at Harbour Rock (which we had missed in December!). We ate some yummy sushi at a window seat overlooking the harbour. This really was a perfect day.

Before we left Hermanus, we stopped at Hermanuspietersfontein's tasting room. Sorry I missed the market they have there, it looks like it'd be good fun. We were struggling by this point and throwing out anything that we didn't immediately enjoy. But we found something we both absolutely loved, their Die Martha. Wow. Naturally we bought a bottle. But, I must get my hands on some more of that. And I got a bottle of their Rose, Bloos, too.

We were pretty wine-farmed out and although we sort of intended one last one on the way to Bot River, we skipped it and went straight on to KolKol. Not without a number of farm stall stops trying to get our hands on some more Cloudy Apple ... sadly we had no luck with that :(

This was an interesting spot. I'd never heard of it till a friend of mine sent me the link (we share amazing places we'd love to one day stay ... she basically wants to kill me after this trip! Haha) And then I saw it popping up all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds. The place is amazing. Seriously.

I didn't need more than one night here, but it wouldn't have gone amiss and I reckon this is another one we'll be adding to the "go back to" list for a weekend getaway when we live closer (one day). We made the most of our evening there (We were in the Bugsy Cabin, with it's incredible peach-pit floors!). We fired up the hot tub immediately.

Unfortunately this was kind of disappointing. It takes absolute ages to warm up. We tried hopping in at around 6pm. But it was only luke warm from the step up and as soon as we were in and swirling the water around it cooled down VERY quickly. We left it going and decided to try again after dinner. This was a bit better and we quite enjoyed it. Because we were fairly chilly after our dips, we had the fire going and inside was warm and toasty.

Just before bed, around 9pm we decided to hop in again and it was AMAZING. Seriously superb. It was hotter than I run my bath with only the very tips of our toes able to find a cooler spot. We switched all the lights in the cabin out and sat enjoying the hot water looking at the stars, watching them shoot. It was about as close to perfect as it gets, honestly. That is a half hour I will treasure for ever. Absolutely the cherry on top of our amazing holiday.

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