Monday, July 21, 2014

A Visit to Pretoria

#sigh Another weekend come and gone. This one absolutely flew past. I'm tired and not feeling 100% and have to work late today (sad face). Doing that on a Monday really screws with my week. It's like you never quite recover.

The traffic was so bad on Friday afternoon in all directions leaving the office (I left nearly half an hour later than usual) that I got passed the first robot (traffic light) and then did a U-Turn and came straight back. At least it was Friday so there were people around and a mere 45mins wait for the bar fridges to open. So that turned out to be a much better way to spend a few hours than stuck in the traffic.

We watched Noah on Friday night. I assumed it'd be good. Or at least entertaining / interesting based on the star-studded cast: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson & Anthony Hopkins. Nope. Don't even waste a minute of your time on this. We very nearly switched it off very early on, but we thought it might improve ... but it didn't. And then we just finished it for the sake of it. It was terrible.

On Saturday we had a long day planned. But we had a late-ish morning because we had no puppy-training. I did manage to take Peps out for a quick walk before we headed out tho. We met up with some friends at the Hazel Food Market in Pretoria at 11am.

It's a mad packed little spot. Parking can be a hassle, but it was great. We wandered from stall to stall tasting in buying. Loved the koeksisters, bought a ton of fudge from Sweet Angels (wow, what a variety of flavours!), bought cabanossi, melktert, tried a chili popper (a little disappointing), bought home made ginger beer, and some drunken cheese. And more ... even more. It was such a fun morning. And when we finished with the tasting, we wandered thru the craft area and into the Capital Craft Beer Academy for the rest of the day. Another friend from work and her hubby joined us there.

It was a great day out :) I think we got home after 5pm! Took Peps out for another quick walk and then napped / bathed / read my book before we headed off to @jarredcinman's for dinner. (Told you it was a busy one!)

We had a lovely evening although we were exhausted by the time we left (shortly after 10pm).

We had a completely lazy Sunday, I think we only got out of bed around 11am. Haha. Just what I needed. We did our grocery shopping and made lunch at home. I researched more on our Turkey trip while The Trucker went to cricket. I don't think we're gonna be able to fit it into our budget :(

And then we made some yummy pasta with the cabanossi and drunken cheese and a spicy tomato sauce for dinner. I almost finished a whole book today! Haha. It was pretty perfect.

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