Thursday, August 07, 2014

The First Slippery Spoon Dinner in Jozi

Ah Friday! For me, probably not for you ... haha. We're off to Oppikoppi this afternoon.

So, it's been a short week. We had dinner plans last night so stayed in on Monday and Tuesday evening.

Last night I'd booked us tickets to Johnny Does Jozi, a 3 night Slippery Spoon pop-up dinner by Not Ham But Man at the Ceramic Factory in Linden. @Sascha_with_a_C was supposed to join us but sadly got tonsilitis and had to cancel :(

We arrived early and got a chance to enjoy the decor before it got too crowded (there wasn't much space to wander in once everyone was seated). I had no idea what to expect or how they'd manage to convert the space but they did a wonderful job! And the ceramics were half-price ... so The Trucker & I walked away with the Rhino Planter I've had my eye on for ages (the front half only tho) and a green Dinosaur Utensil Holder.

 And then after a brief introduction, dinner began. I managed to wrangle myself at the Twitter table ... where I at least knew some people, if not yet in real life ;) We got to sit with @MegPascoe, @TheJoLurie and @Nicki_Dadic. The Trucker thought it was hysterical how many phones were out snapping photos of the food and decor thru out the evening!

The whole meal had a Joburg Street Food theme ... although you probably wouldn't have guessed that if you hadn't been told. But theme or no theme, the food was amazing and if you have the opportunity to get yourselves to one of the next Slippery Spoon dinner, I would highly recommend it!

We started with a dish inspired by a Boerewors Roll. Tuna Tartar as the wors, tomato consomme as the sauce and crispy phyllo for the roll (below left). It had amazing flavour!

The second course was a corn risotto with popcorn foam (above right). Do not even ask me how you make popcorn foam, but it was superb. This was inspired by the corn on the cob roasted over open fires for sale on many street corners.

Mains were their take on Steak, Egg & Chips (below left). It was a serving of steak with an egg yolk cooked in beurre noisette and milk stout battered fondant potatoes (thank goodness for @MegPascoe because I would never have remembered all of this!). This was amaze-balls. Shew.

Dessert was kept simple, which was exactly what we needed! Didn't feel stuffed and it just gave a sweet ending without being too rich. They made crepes suzette, served with creme fraiche and cinnamon marshmallow (above right).

Seriously. Such a great evening of flavours!

Oh, and for those of you who might be interested, Johnny and Marcus (from Borsspeld, Bangles en 'n Blond) are planning a 7-day Food Experience in Zanzibar in November.

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