Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 weeks, 6 days

Hey, look at that, you're all caught up :)

So my What To Expect app updated last week and now I'm confused about the sizing ... previously I thought it worked like birthdays ... in your first year, you were however many months (not yet 1). And in your second year, you're 1 year, however many months. So I assume the weekly count for how big your baby was and what was happening worked like that too. So now I'm 10wks, 6 days ... so currently in Week 11? But Week 11 is a lime-sized fetus and now my app is saying my baby is still as big as a prune (Week 10's size comparison). So yeah, no idea. I'm still going with my way.

Especially now that I've scrolled back thru all their weeks and they seem to be counting differently. I can't seem to enter the date of my last period, only my due date. And now they have Week 1 starting a whole week later. So basically, the app is now useless (without constant user intervention). #sigh And to be honest, right now they feel a little like email spam too ... Who has time to read that many emails? So yeah. I'm avoiding them currently.

So, I had my first (and second) vomit. But I'm still not convinced it's morning sickness (am I in the world's biggest denial?) ... blowing my nose triggered it both times (and they were like 1.5 weeks apart!). Because without my anti-histamine, I wake up with so much mucous and post-nasal drip (tmi?) so coughing and hacking up phlegm used to happen occasionally before I started taking my allergy meds. So I'm still sure that's probably what caused the incident ... I am especially convinced by today's because it was more like making myself throw up because of all the phlegm. Honestly I suspect I may have tonsilitis today :(

Aside from that, I also started using Bio-Oil daily on my boobs & belly ... who knows if it''ll make a difference this early on and I also started using it on my legs because I have such dry skin and, well, summer. But that didn't last long ... I try do it when I remember now. So much for getting in the habit, haha.

I'm also feeling very fat. And I'm sure that's because I weighed more than I would've liked before I got pregnant ... but now, between the lack of will to exercise due to exhaustion (aside from my recent swims at gym) and the snacking, I'm sure it's not helping :/ I'm still trying to be good, but The Trucker's like "you're pregnant" and I'm like "There's no pregnancy to see here, it's all fat". It's a little depressing, but I'm trying not to worry about it too much. I'm not obese or anything ... just not thrilled with my current state of flab and I suspect until I actually have a proper preggie belly, I'm just going to continue feeling fat.

And then there is the hair growth. WTF. Obviously I'm noticing it where I usually shave (legs & underarms) because it is so much longer by the time I shave following my same-old regular routine ... it's crazy.

Other than that, still boring and abstract, honestly. But next week is the first Gynae Appointment (at a whopping fee!) so I am super excited :) Not expecting any major revelations, just hoping that in the scan it looks a little more human and a little less peanut and that we can hear the heart beating. Eep.


po said...

As far as I understand with the weeks, the first week is not week one, you enter week one at the end of the week. 4 days after the first week you are one week 4 days... and you don't say you are two weeks until you hit the actual two week day, even though technically at 1w 4 days you are in the second week. I just use the days to not confuse myself :) Those size thingies are a bit bizarre though, I think American fruits and vegetables have different sizes to what we have here ... I feel like the baby shrinks and grows from week to week based on those updates!

Louisa said...

Enjoy the hair growth..haha. After B-day comes the shedding. ;-)

The weekly count is super confusing. With N I jumped two weeks in the beginning and the it was birth at 38 weeks so another two at the end. Some people say you're actually pregnant for 10 months but by my count I was doing that for exactly 8 months and 8 days. *shrug* I guess it takes as long as it takes.

I think you will begin to see a human looking baby. At 10 weeks N still looked pretty much like a jelly bean, and at 13 weeks she definitely looked human. The changes happen very quickly!

Good luck with the throwing up. I kind of hope that it is morning sickness because then at least you have a good chance that it will stop after the first trimester.

phillygirl said...

@po - thanks for clearing that up! And yeah, I have to agree the fruit sizes are a bit weird HAHA. Today I am 11 weeks, so I guess I am starting Week 11 now. Today my baby is the size of a Lime. I also wish the What To Expect app showed cm's not just inches.

@Louisa - I wasn't expecting it to be confusing since I know all the dates. Haha @ morning sickness, not sure it counts if it only happens twice in the first trimester?

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