Monday, September 22, 2014

Far Too Speedy

And in a blink of an eye, I'm back at work. I couldn't need this Wednesday Public Holiday more ... or any sort of holiday in general. I'm not sure if it's because I was actually expecting to currently be on holiday or if things are just in some weird crazy zone here.

There see, that's a screen shot of my work-week calendar from Outlook ... mostly the only free time is 7 - 9am. And then on Friday I actually have booked out time to do some real work. The rest are all meetings (thank goodness there is a half hour meeting every day in there for lunch!). It makes me tired just looking at it :(

But anyway, back to the weekend ... Shame, Peps really has struggled to get back to normal this weekend. But she finally seemed almost there yesterday :) She was totally out of it on Friday after I collected her and although she perked up a bit on Saturday, she still wasn't her usual crazy self. Gypsy has been super noisy and needy as well ... I think she was worried about Pepper. Friday afternoon was pretty awful :(

So am super glad that instead of sticking with plans to meet CollegeInstructor for dinner, we had him come over and we did homemade pizzas instead. Yummy and much better to be home with Pepper. Good to catch up with him, he's about to head off on a 6 week holiday to Mexico & Cuba. #jealous (although apparently half of Mexico has washed away recently - okay not quite but still, they won't be heading to Baja California as planned).

On Saturday morning we headed off to try a new spot for breakfast, Cafe Duarte, ... because they were on a list of where to get Eggs Benedict in Joburg, and The Trucker loves that (me, I'm only interested if they do it with spinach ;) ). The Trucker said it was good (he had the paio version). I had french toast with bacon.

And then we headed out, with nothing much to do, and had a very busy day. First we decided to go and look for tiles for the patio again ... the ones we'd liked last time were pretty expensive. And now, with the baby arriving in 2015, we'll know that we'll be moving back to Cape Town by the end of next year ... so we have probably a year left in this house before we rent it out. So we are being less fussy about things. So it was off to CTM with a budget to see what we could find. We found 2 options, one light and one dark.

And after taking it home to look at, we were certain. The dark tile outside was the one. I love the tile we picked and bought, and it was an absolute steal (R55/sqm)!

The Trucker had checked out the wooden poles we had originally intended to use under the clear roofing, but that would be an expensive exercise (R3500), so we discussed going the bamboo route instead and stopped at one of the guys on the side of the road near our house to get pricing (R1000). Luckily we'd already measured the area we needed and we ordered it then and there. Yesterday the guy called to tell us it's ready, so The Trucker will collect it today :)

And the tiler (who did our bathrooms & kitchen) is coming on Thursday or Friday to tile the patio floor. Soon it'll be pretty much done, just in time for us to enjoy it in summer! I can't wait :)

And we even managed to do some clothing shopping! I wanted some new shorts and a couple of skirts (I have very few) for summer (and Turkey!).

We relaxed at home for a bit before heading out again to an SCM Birthday at Rusty Hook. Was good seeing everyone again :)

We left as the lightning was starting but didn't make it home before the storm started and the hail kicked it up a notch! We pulled in at a garage along with a bunch of other people and stood watching. We were a little upset cause we were really hoping to get home and enjoy it from under our patio roof :)

Sheesh, what a storm. Don't think the car was too badly struck tho, it seems undented. Although you'd never believe it, hearing it from inside the car while driving! And the patio roof held up :) Although the concrete floor was still pretty soaked from all the bouncing hailstones.

I was super worried that Pepper could get inside because she was struggling to jump up after her op, but she was completely dry when we got home ... till I raced out to cover the bunnies and she followed me :P Haha. Silly girly.

On Sunday we had a very lazy morning, after another early start with the animals, we went back to bed and I read my book while The Trucker slept. No puppy training for Peps today.

We did our grocery shopping and that was pretty much it for the day since we'd had such a late start. Plus I wasn't feeling that great. It's hard to explain. I don't think it's morning sickness. It's not even severe enough to be considered queasy. It's just "unsettled" ... a bit like being on a boat or hungover I guess. Either way, picking food to eat or shopping is not easy when I feel like that haha.

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MeeA said...

Still getting used to you talking about "the baby". :)
Ja, those polycarb roof sheets are quite robust - the hail has to be pretty spectacular to damage those.
Eish. I remember that unsettled feeling! Strongs!

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