Thursday, November 13, 2014

Back Again

Yawn. Shew, I had an absolutely awesome time in Kruger with the folks! Had some fantastic animal sightings (saw the Big 5 on 2 different mornings before lunch!) but more on that later ...

Right now I'm a little tired because we had a trip to the ER with Mom last night after an amazeballs dinner at Licorish!

First the dinner. Mom & I both had the Game Plate. The Trucker had the Fillet Plate and Daddio had the Beef Fillet with Truffle. Mom and The Trucker got to enjoy the wine pairing too. Shew this weekend has been hard not to be drinking :(

Our food was superb and the service was brilliant. Was very sad to hear about the death of their Chef on Sunday tho.

And then towards the end of dinner Mom took 2 myprodol that she'd been given for in case after last week's hospital visit. The pain didn't go and by 21h30 Dad & I were sitting with her in the ER. We were home by midnight after she'd been given some pain meds in a drip and instructions to see someone on her return to Cape Town (already the plan). They reckon it's gallstones. Luckily it doesn't seem badly infected or anything (yet), according to her blood tests.

It was horrible. Watching someone in pain and you can't do anything to make them feel better. No doubt this is just a taste of what is to come with a baby :/

Anyway, they're heading home this afternoon :( This gloomy weather is doing nothing to improve my mood. I would love to just climb under my duvet today!

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MeeA said...

Ah, don't even worry about when baby comes yet - when the time comes, you'll get through whatever you have to, whichever way you must.
Meanwhile, I hope your mom gets better soon - a friend of mine just had to have surgery for gallstone removal. Strength to you all!

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