Thursday, December 04, 2014

20 weeks, 6 days

Shewee, and we're past half way now! It feels like it has flown by but then I remind myself that you don't even actually know you're pregnant till the end of the first month.

Plus I suppose mine feels faster since I haven't had my attention drawn to it constantly by the symptoms (still haven't had anything, really).

It is definitely getting to the point that I am noticing the regular needing to pee thing. And my belly is pretty huge. Centimeter-wise it hasn't actually seemed to grow since 16 weeks. And that along with the fact that I'm still not sure I've felt her move had me nervous in the last week (apparently it'll start any time between 18 & 22 weeks).

The week before a scan always seems to be the most nerve-wracking ... it's the longest time since you last checked up on them and saw they were fine and well.

Yesterday we had our appointment with the Fetal Ultrasound Specialist. Our gynae recommended this appointment from our first meeting. Just to check on all the internal organs and what not, so there are no surprises like a club foot or cleft palate or something at birth. If anything like that is likely you can know in advance and find a specialist and be prepared beforehand. I suppose with the rush of giving-birth hormones, they are trying to minimise the surprises. I'm all for it!

Wow. This scan was just amazing. Seriously, I think it was my favourite so far! The face is there and fully formed. It's incredible to see the little lips and nose and eyes. They measure the nose and the brain and whatnot (no spina bifida). Make sure the cerebellum is growing as it should. And then you get to see all 5 fingers on both hands.

They go thru the rest of the body at a cross-section. We saw the heart's 4 chambers pumping. He measured the arm bones and leg bones. And we saw all 5 toes on both feet. And that both feet are pointing in the same direction (so no club foot).

And he confirmed that we are definitely having a little girl :) I also asked him about the kicking and he showed me that basically she is facing the placenta so that is currently acting as a pillow between her & I, and it has no nerve endings ... so it's quite likely I'll feel her a little later. So all is on track.

All our measurements were normal and our risk of downs halved. Whatever they measure that, if high, is a likely indicator for pre-eclampsia is low for me. And he measured my cervix, which is all good, there should be no risk of pre-term birth.

Basically all is going perfectly. I had tears in my eyes at this scan. Now there is a long break before the next one (cause of Xmas holidays) ... 6 whole weeks to wait!


po said...

Congrats on all the good news from your scan! I am nearly 37 weeks now, things are getting so real and I am getting scared. I kind of wish I was back at 20 weeks!

Anonymous said...

The 20 weeks scan was my favourite too. AND my placenta was in the way. I didn't feel any kicks for ages! Not till 26 weeks at least (I think); but you will know when you do feel them!

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