Monday, December 15, 2014

Let the Short Weeks Begin!

Ah, hello 4 day week! Still, it seems too long. Haha. The weekend was good. Met up with @WhizBangLouLou and her "new" (not so new, but first time I've met him) boyf for dinner at Tony's Pizza.

Shew, the pizza there was delish! I went for a half-and-half because I just couldn't make up my mind. And I still don't know which half was my fave! I had half Butternut and half Pizza pesto. I would recommend both :) Yum.

On Saturday we headed to Clearwater for some Xmas shopping. Luckily Mom & Dad have both been sorted already. And now the Brother-in-Law. The only outstanding purchase is the Peeb. Usually she's the easy one ... this year I'm struggling!

I can't actually remember how the rest of Saturday afternoon went ... but we watched Lucy in the evening. It was as rubbish as I'd heard (I tried to warn The Trucker). Seriously, don't watch this.

On Sunday we had breakfast at home and then just as The Trucker was about to leave for cricket he heard it had been cancelled. So he came grocery shopping with me. And then later we went to fetch some plastic dinosaurs I found on Bid or Buy. Sadly they were not what I was looking for, for the Nursery DIY projects. So that was disappointing. And I ended up in a bit of a funk for the afternoon.

But then I started working on the photo wall. I kinda figured we wouldn't bother putting it up because we'll likely move in less than a year. But we were discussing how to clear the current-dumping-ground-future-nursery and that's currently where all the frames are sitting gathering dust (although that's only part of what's cluttering the room currently). The Trucker said just put it up. I adore the photos and they're wasted sitting in a pile on the floor in a room we don't go into. So I got on a mission. Luckily I'd already bought some brown paper. So I started the tracing part. Didn't have enough to do all the frames. And now I need some new frames (for the few photos I managed to get of The Trucker's side of the family).

So yeah, I am on a mission now. First to buy more dinosaurs (Looks like the Crazy Store is the place!) then to get some photos printed and more brown paper bought and then hunt down some new frames ... Hopefully the wall will be hung before the end of Jan!

In the evening we watched The Maze Runner. Hmmmm. I have the book for this series on my Kindle, but haven't read any of them yet ... am not sure that the movie has motivated me to start either. It was a bit iffy and I'm not entirely sure where it's headed. The movie definitely felt like a prequel to something.

Not feeling especially awesome about work right now ... definitely a combo of end-of-year fatigue and feeling overwhelmed with preparation (and expectations) for next year.

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