Wednesday, January 07, 2015

25 weeks, 5 days

So here's a quick preggie update. I can NOT wait for our next scan (in a week). This lengthy break since our last scan due to the Xmas break is torture!

Generally, I haven't worried too much about The Littlest One, but it always seems to kick in, in the last week before a scan. I guess since it's really the longest time since we last saw her and made sure everything was okay.

This time it's worse than ever! I was getting super nervous about the lack of kicking before we went away. I tried to go for an NST (non-stress test) but they (Olivedale) advised against it before my third trimester. I was 23 weeks then and super nervous about no sure signs of kicking ... they said that there was no guarantee they could pick up the heart beat so it would likely have ended up just worrying me more o_0

Luckily that has stopped worrying me ... turns out she has been kicking for a while. But I only realised at 25 weeks (last Friday) because The Trucker managed to feel her kick too! OMG that was amazing, to watch the expression on his face <3 And that was when I realised that that feeling was actually her kicking :D Yeah, yeah, it really does feel like a muscle twitch / bubble burst ... once you *know*.

I've been dying for her to start moving. I thought that would alleviate the worry ... I was wrong o_0 Gah. This parenting lark is not for sissies. Now I am more worried, constantly wondering if she's kicking enough or when last I felt her etc. etc. And she seems to only wake up and show it early in the mornings and in the evenings. So I don't seem to feel her during the day at all.

And I only feel her in very specific places ... based on my guess she doesn't seem to have moved much, I'm pretty sure it's only her feet kicking I can feel, no extra arm movements. Plus I still haven't figured out how to trigger her to move ... except that it most often happens when I lie on my sides (I presume then I'm squishing her?).

Urgh. The worst part is knowing a friend of mine picked up an issue and had her baby premature because of the lack of kicking (okay it was at about 30 weeks?). And then
yesterday, someone at work told me how a friend of hers had her baby in the last few days at 25 weeks (800g) ... I AM 25 weeks! I am trying not to think about this and just hold on till next Wednesday without panicking too much.

After the next scan I think they start to get more frequent ... from February I think I'll be going every 2 weeks. And we have the 4D scan at the end of January too :) This little bun needs to stay put, her nursery is still just a vague intention - haha!

Aside from that, other regular symptoms seem to have crept in. I bought my first bottle of Gaviscon. It took about 3 days before I realised what I was feeling was heart burn (since I've never had it really before). Luckily I've only had it fairly mildly (I think?) and a couple of times since then. It's more just a discomfort.

And she (my belly) is starting to feel really heavy! I was struggling with back ache so we bought a support band. So far it does seem to have helped (I only really wear it when I'm wearing a dress which has no support). But lying down is really best. Also sleeping on all the foreign beds (at The Trucker's mom & mine) during the holidays didn't help either!

Oh yes, and the first Baby Shower invites went out last Friday :D I am having an early one in Cape Town in February, which my sister, one of my girl-cousins and mom are organising. I swear, flying is uncomfortable ... No more of that! (aside from this last already-booked flight, obvs). At the end of this month I'll send out the invites to my Joburg one.

I swear, people find it so weird that I'm organising my own one ... I don't have family here and it's not like a wedding where you choose bridesmaids who know the position comes with a specific role. I feel too weird asking my friends (since there are so many different groups). Plus it's not going to be anything fancy. I'll adapt the invite that has already been made and book somewhere for brunch. Maybe I'll even blow up a balloon or two ;) Haha. Perhaps there'll be cupcakes. I'm so not into the whole games and dress-up idea! I just want a nice time with my friends :)

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