Monday, February 23, 2015


Urgh. What a weekend. Seems there was quite the tummy bug going round our office last week ... a few people were off with it on Thursday and by Friday there were loads of people affected. It hit me on Thursday evening and I took Friday off.

I was a little nervous, what with being 32 weeks pregnant, but I spoke to my gynae and she wasn't too concerned (the only real risk is dehydration) as long as I stayed hydrated. There was a lot of energade, a couple of apples and some bovril provitas in my day.

It seemed to lull by midday on Friday. A good sign because we had our Infant Survival course on Saturday from 8 - 3pm.

I am so glad we did it! The Trucker was a little bored ... because he's done cpr training before as part of his rescue divers course. But for me it was all new. I arrived a little nervous but left feeling much better about things. Definitely learnt some things! And, more importantly, learnt to think about a few things that hadn't even crossed my mind!

It was a long day tho. And after a brief rest at home, we headed to @clairam's birthday braai. I think I probably over-indulged on the food ... hard not to when you've been on a minimal bland diet the day before! And unfortunately I woke up with the tummy bug again on Sunday :(

So, on Sunday, I literally did nothing. More energade, lucozade, apples and bovril toast ...

Not sure yet if today will be okay or not. Am back in the office ... there are a lot of Zombie Quarantine posters around (haha). I have meetings all day, one that I can't miss first tho, so I guess I'll see how it goes after that one.

Urgh. Feel quite out of energy!

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