Monday, February 02, 2015


2 months. That is all I have left at work ... if all goes according to schedule. Eep. The Baby Prep kicks in good and proper this month with Antenatal classes starting tomorrow and my first Baby Shower this weekend!

After this weekend visit to Cape Town, we've vowed to take things easier. Which is good, cause I'm definitely more exhausted. Away in the Pilanesberg last weekend and then this weekend we left work on Friday afternoon and headed straight to the Free State for The Trucker's mom's birthday. We only spent the night so it wasn't too exhausting. Plus it's kinda nice when there really is nothing to do but nap and read your book on a Saturday morning :)

It was a good visit, and Pepper always comes home exhausted. Unfortunately the drive home took a whole hour longer than usual because of an accident that closed the N3.

On Saturday afternoon we had a lengthy relax and then watched Interstellar. We didn't know much about it other than it scored more than 8 on IMDb. OMG. It is looooooong. I don't know exactly when or why ALL movies started being 2hr+ instead of the good old 90mins. But it now seems to be the norm o_0 #notafan Other than that it was mostly enjoyable ... except where could a movie like that really go? When they make up all these space-time rules, things get complicated. So yeah, in the end it felt like a bit of a waste, but it wasn't especially bad. I feel kind of middling toward it, I'd wouldn't recommend you do or don't see it ...

On Sunday we headed out to do our grocery shopping and then The Trucker headed off to play cricket. When he got home at 4pm we went to a friend's birthday at Mozambik. By the time we got home I was yawning already so we picked a shorter movie to watch before bed, The Little Death.

It's a bit of a peculiar movie which didn't really sit right with me ... but, it is still completely worth watching for the phone sex scene at the end: hysterical.

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