Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Early Today

Well, I'm at work particularly early this morning - all the more time for blogging ;) I couldn't sleep last night ... I think I eventually nodded off round 3am or thereabouts. I was crazy enough to get up and put on a load of laundry at midnight tho ... better than lying in the dark with my thoughts on over-drive! and then I was promptly woken at six ... by nothing?!? so I tried to get back to sleep, but gave up round 6:30 and proceeded to hang out said laundry. It was such a poor load I'd even put in clean clothes that just looked like they might need an iron (the maid comes tomorrow, so better to be prepared, since I DO NOT iron) Anyway, this isn't that earth-shattering since i usually rise to the voice-clock alarm on my cellphone at around 7 anyway. But, it finds me at work particularly early this morning.

Not much excitement last night, it was a quiet, relaxing one full of TV-watching. CSI has been a disappointment lately, since I started watching again ... I dunno, maybe it's been going too long and they've lost their edge? Anyway, that was okay. Then I stuck around for my second episode of In Justice. What is with TV this week ? I am too afraid of watching tonight - although luckily I'm saved since there's not much on a Wednesday, anyway. But, honestly ... aren't these supposed to be happy-ending shows ?? Hello, why do you think I'm watching ? I was shattered by the end of it. It was as exhausting as Grey's on Monday night.

Aside from my very exciting TV schedule lately :P I finished Sandra Brown's Chill Factor while I was away this weekend.

Lust, jealousy and murder suffuse Brown's crisp thriller (after White Hot), set in the snowbound mountains of North Carolina. Lilly and Dutch Burton's marriage didn't withstand the loss of their three-year-old daughter, despite their attempt at a fresh start with the purchase of a vacation cabin in bucolic Cleary, N.C., where the novel opens on the divorced couple discussing its sale. Dutch is now Cleary's chief of police, and Lilly is a magazine editor in Atlanta. As she races back to the city to beat a blizzard, her car skids out, striking a hiker emerging from the woods. Turns out he's a man she knows: handsome freelance writer Ben Tierney, whom she met and flirted with the summer before. With no choice but to wait out the storm in the cabin with Ben, who is injured, Lilly calls Dutch, but he can't reach her via the now impassable mountain road. Meanwhile, Cleary is haunted by the case of five missing women - all now feared dead. With Lilly still stranded, Dutch goes ballistic when the FBI arrives in town with evidence that Tierney is the serial killer.

I quite enjoyed it. I didn't guess whodunnit till just before she let you in on the secret, which I particularly enjoy since it is rare. But, it was mostly just a light read for me, so I think I was clearly under-estimating the possibility that it wasn't just going to be the most obvious person. A little bit of romance, a little bit of crazy and of course a murder mystery thrown in the mix.

Anyway, that's about as interesting as it gets on a Wednesday morning :) Have a fabulous day!

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