Friday, December 01, 2006

Morning, morning

Right, well first off I'd like to say goodbye to a Great Friend (MTJAF) that I lost this week, Wednesday morning to be precise. He didn't die, don't worry. It's just sometimes you lose friends gradually over time and distance and sometimes there's a defining moment. This was a clear instance of the latter. So, I'm sorry to see you go, you will be missed and perhaps one day, in a parallel universe far, far away, things will be different :)

But in more exciting news, it is Friday. Which is fabulous. The weekend awaits, not that I have anything too terribly exciting planned. Bean is hoping we'll go to the Pro 20 cricket (SA vs. India) this eve, which I'm not adverse to doing ... it's just that they're expecting thunder showers, which aren't as pleasant during an outdoor cricket match as you might imagine!

Soo, back to work now that I've got my first blog of the day out of my system. But I will leave you with a site I found: Wallpaper-By-Numbers. Now this looks like a cool concept and probably great fun in a kid's bedroom (where you know they'll be drawing on the walls anyway - right Peeb). btw. Peeb is my little sis and her blog is available for perusal in the link list on your right. Anyway, back to cool wallpaper ... there have been many innovations in this previously considered boring (by me, anyway) bit of decorating accessory. Now however (if you believe the net) it is fun and funky and definitely style-ish. From type-faces to stickers to - damn, I can't find that last site anymore, annoying! anyway, you get the picture ;)


akika said...

How exciting! I'm so glad to see you've been inspired! I never thought of you as a pink person though ... well, I guess you are kind of, but still...
now we can start a comment war! hahaha....

Captain Awesome said...

And most kind of you to link to my site ;)

I will be watching this with interest to see if you can keep it up - I find blogging to be quite a... er... um, burden? If it wasn't for my kleptomanic sentimentalist personality, and the promise of looking back on a little 'time capsule' years from now, I'm not sure I'd have the stamina.

So, BEST of luck!

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