Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shameless Plug

Hi there. So I heard on the radio yesterday that Robbie Williams started this competition to invite filmmakers to submit original short films using his song "The 80s" off his new cd, RudeBox. And representing South Africa is a name very familiar to me :) Bevan Cullinan. When I was a wee little std 6 (that's grade 8 for the rest of you), he was our head-boy (can you believe ?) So Bevan went onto Rhodes and became quite the comedian. I've seen a number of his shows and enjoy his physical comedy. Although I'm not sure if I just go to watch because despite his bizarre sense of style, I've thought he was fab since i was 12.
And now, after seeing him briefly in Sandton City 2 weeks ago for the first time in years, he's in the news. So, I figured I'd put out a plug for his video (which also apparently features a certain third cousin of mine, James Cairns !), it needs your vote.

Vote for Like a Hooligan on Shooting People - you'll have to register.

Otherwise nothing much exciting life-wise to report back today. Had a marathon 2 hour class of belly dancing last night and watched Greys Anatomy - oh the exciting life I lead ;)

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akika said...

You just reminded me - not so long ago Steven and I went off to City Hall to see what we thought was the Cape Philharmonic... it turned out to be the Cape Philharmonia Choir and guess who was there??
In the choir was our relative [unlike you I don't know exactly where they all sit] Debbie Cairns, though I wasn't close enough to tell exactly which one she was. And coming out on stage right at the end - their musical director Toni who used to live across the road!

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