Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Complete Exhaustion

Today I'm exhausted. And thankfully seem to have gotten over the huge wave of complete anger and utter helplessness I was feeling earlier. I am now ready to write this post :)

Last night I rushed from work, already exhausted by the day I'd had spent worried and afraid and then relieved, to Belly Dancing. I think that was my last lesson, actually. I'm not that into the dancing part of it really, I'm just interested in the actual technique and exercising the right muscles. I'm not interested if I'm doing it wrong and it looks fine for the "dance routine" bit. That's a waste of my time. So I'm not really sure what to do about that right now. Although that really is the least of my problems.

Then I rushed off to the first Book Club of 2007. It was fab, although not that well attended. It was just me, Band (it was at her house), Sal & She. Which is great since Sal & She are our two newest recruits. It was a good evening and nice to spend some time with the girls :) And now I have new books ... that I hope I get a chance to read!

Then when I got home I had to do some work ... bouncing our application and server in the hopes of ensuring no more Errors like last week. Yup, although I was supposed to have a 2 week break from stand-by support, due to TheBrad's incident yesterday and now missing laptop etc. I am back on stand-by.

This was followed up with a 02:12 AM wake-up call because of a completely unrelated error and then a 4am arranged wake-up to check performance.

And all this was followed by me bleary-eyed, forgetting my cell phone at home and turning round about a third of the way to work to fetch it. And then there was some stupid jack-knifed truck on the highway which meant that all in all I spent a good hour and half in fabulous Jhb traffic this morning. Blegh.

These are all high up on the list of things that do NOT make me happy. I was furious when I got to work this morning, but a healthy dose of full-volume iPod listening and no communication with anything vaguely resembling a human being has ensured that now at 11am I am feeling remotely back to normal ... remotely.

Not only has this hijacking forced me to be back on stand-by, TheBrad is off to the Caribbean for the Cricket World Cup in 2 weeks ... he'll be gone for 6 weeks. So suddenly everything is my problem. All the production issues, all the people clamoring to get their projects developed and the mass of general maintenance work that still needs to be tested. It's all mine. I think I might have an aneurysm before May.

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